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This is a weekly newsletter from Used Machinery.bz (http://www.usedmachinery.bz). The newsletter reaches over 2000 companies around the world. Used Machinery.bz offers over 7000 used machinery postings from Japan, providing you with advertising for your used machinery. We are sending this message to inform you of the newest additions to the list for the last week.

Picture in the week

The UCHIMIZU Festival, Sprinkling Water to Cool Down Summer's Heat (Nagoya, Aichi)

Saying in this week from English Remark dot COM

Tell me what company you keep, and I'll tell you what you are." By Miguel de Cervantes

Wanted Request in Last Week

Title User Name
Urgent Machinery Required Japan
Multi Axes Single Horizontal Drilling Spindle for I beams INDIA, SEKAR RAMU
CNC lathe and CNC shaft grinding machine Viet nam, Mark Nguyen
Two No used CNC Milling Machines Pakistan, Abid Hussain


Access Top 10 in Last Week

No. ID# Machine Name Owner Access
1 52413 5 Face Machining Center Murata Machiney 51
2 52425 Small Hole EDM Mechany 40
3 51962 800T Press BNI 33
4 52226 Turret Punch Press Rivertech 32
5 52420 120T Injection Molding Machine Daxin Machinery 27
6 42269 Marine Engine Mekong 25
7 22868 Digipro Mesena 25
8 52399 0.8m Lathe Shinmeiwa 25
9 52326 5 Face Machining Center H.A.M 25
10 42264 Marine Engine Mekong 25

New Used Machineries Added in Last Week

Machine Name Maker Model Year Specification Photo Country Company
CNC Lathe Amada Wasino C3-D 2008 FANUC21i-TB, H4, 1800rpm, Swing Over Bed
φ550, Distance between centres 800...
CNC Lathe Goodway SW-32 2013 Goodway Swiss Turning Center, Max.
machining diameter: φ32mm, Max. spindle ...
Taiwan SEHO
CNC Lathe Ikegai TC-25 2001 Fanuc-18iT, S:250*400, 10"2&3-jaw
chuck(Howa H023M10), 12-station turret,
Japan Kinoshita-k
CNC Lathe Ikegai TC-25 2001 Fanuc-18iT, S:250*400, 10"2-jaw
chuck(Howa H024M10), 12-station turret,
Japan Kinoshita-k
CNC Lathe Mori Seiki NL-2000/500 2005 MSX-850(Meldas-720BM-A), Swing over
bad:φ923.8, S:260*590, 8"2-jaw chuck(Ho...
Japan Kinoshita-k
CNC Lathe Okuma LB12 1991 OSP-5020L, Processing diameter:200,
Processing length:150, 8"solid chuck, 8...
Japan KOWA
CNC Lathe Okuma LB15II 1993 OSP-5020L, 8"open center chuck(KITAGAWA
B-208), 12-station turret, Tail sto...
Japan Kinoshita-k
CNC Lathe Okuma LB300 2002 NC:OSP-E100L, V12, 4500rpm, Maximum
machining diameter × length:φ340×1000...
CNC Lathe Tornos DECO2000/20 2001 TORNOS SWISS TYPE CNC LATHE, Max. turning
length: 200mm, Max. machining dia...
Taiwan SEHO
CNC Lathe (2 Spindles) Amada Wasino JJ-1 2010 Turret type Twin spindle turning center
with auto loader, , Normal workpiec...
Taiwan SEHO
CNC Vertical Turret Lathe Schiess - Froriep 80 DV 33-750/800/... 2008 CNC vertical truning machine one-Column
with horizontal head SCHIESS and FR...
Russia Techservice
CNC Vertical Turret Lathe YOU JI YV-2500ATC+C+G 2008 Table dia.: φ2500mm, Max. swing dia.:
φ3000mm, Max. cutting dia.: φ2800mm...
Taiwan SEHO
Vertical Turret Lathe JSW LT15 1971 ※2010'7 NC Remodeling・XZ simultaneous
2-axis GB Power-up!, , Control:Fanuc ...
Japan KOWA
Vertical Turret Lathe Toshiba Kikai TUE-200 2012 NC:FANUC 0i-TD, 12 ATC machine tools,
BT50, Table φ2000, Maximum swing 2400...
CNC Automatic Bar Lathe Tornos DECO 2000/10 1996 TORNOS SWISS TYPE CNC AUTOMATIC LATHE, Max. machining dia.: φ10mm, Spindle ... Taiwan SEHO
CNC Automatic Bar Lathe Tsugami BH38 2007 FANUC 31i A, V12, Main Spindle 5000rpm
Sub 7000rpm, Maximum machining diame...
Multitasking Machine Mazak Integrex e-1060V/8Ⅱ 2008 MATRIX, ATC40, BT50, Palette φ1000, Chuck
Size φ1000 4 jaws, Indipendent ...
Multitasking Machine Mazak Integrex e-650HⅡ 2009 NC:Mazatrol Matrix, 18inch 3jaw, 1600rpm,
Maximum machining diameter φ920...
Vertical Machining Center Awea BM 1600 2004 #0432, MITSUBISHI M64, Travels : 1600 x
800 x 800mm, Table: x mm, NO ATC, R...
- India MARVEL
Vertical Machining Center Dah lih MCV-1020 2005 #0443, FANUC 18iMB, Travels : 1020 x 510
x 510mm, Table: 1300 x 510mm, ATC:...
Vertical Machining Center Feeler FV-1500A 2001 #0424, FANUC OMC ALPHA, Travels : 1525 x
750 x 650mm, Table: 1700 x 750mm...
Vertical Machining Center Finetech Taiwan SMV 1100 2004 # 0196, MITSUBISHI M64, Travels : 1100 x
600 x 550mm, Table: 1150 x 600mm...
Vertical Machining Center Hartford VMC-1020S C 2006 #0450, FANUC 0iMB, Travels: 1050 x 525 x
500mm, Table: 1200 x 470mm, ATC: 2...
Vertical Machining Center OKK VM-5III 2007 Neomatic730, ATC30, BT50, T:1050*560,
6000rpm, S:1020*510*510, Chip Conveye...
Vertical Machining Center Supermax Taiwan YCM 135A 1995 #0435, FANUC 0MC, Travels : 1350 x 700 x
695mm, Table: 1700 x 650mm, ATC:30...
- India MARVEL
Vertical Machining Center Yamage YFC-V500 2000 #0388, FANUC 18M , Travels : 1000 x 500 x
500mm, Table: 1230 x 500mm, NO AT...
Vertical Machining Center (BT40) Kitamura Mycenter-2XiF 2006 NC:FANUC 16iMB, ATC24, BT40, Table
786×355, 20000rpm, S:510*355*460, Screw ...
Vertical Machining Center (BT40) Makino V56 2005 Professional 5, ATC with 25, HSK-A63,
Table 1050*550, 20000rpm, Stroke 900*...
Vertical Machining Center (BT40) Makino V56 2002 professional-3, ATC-15, HSK-A63, Table
1050×550, 20000rpm, Stroke 900×550×4...
Vertical Machining Center (BT40) Mitsubishi Juko M-V50-FM 2002 NC:FANUC 16i-MB, ATC with 24, HSK-F63,
T:1000*510, 30000rpm, S:800*510*450...
Vertical Machining Center (BT40) OKK VP-600 2005 Neomatic635V, ATC30, BT40, Table 800×500,
12,000rpm, Stroke 1120*610*460, 2...
Vertical Machining Center (HSK63) DMG ULTRASONIC 50 SAUER 2010 X/Y/Z axis travel: 500x450x400mm,
Integrated swivel rotary table size:
Taiwan SEHO
Vertical Machining Center(BT50) OKK MCV-660 1997 Neomatic M520, ATC24, BT50, Table
1700*650, 6000rpm, Stroke 1270*660*650
Vertical Machining Center(NT40) Okuma MC-4VA 1988 OSP5000M-G, T:1000*410,
S(XYZ):650*410*450, Spindle:NT40,
4000rpm, ATC-32...
Japan Mechany
Horizontal Machining Center Toshiba Kikai BMC 800 2001 2-pallet, Working travel: X: 1 600 mm, Y:
1 250 mm, Z: 1 000 mm, Pallet: 80...
Horizontal Machining Center(BT50) Makino MC2213-A60 1988 Fanuc-11M, Spindle speed:15〜10000rpm,
Main T:1200(2380)*900, S(XYZ):2200*13...
Japan KOWA
Horizontal Machining Center(BT50) Mori Seiki NH6300DCGⅡ 2010 MSX-701IV, ATC60, BT50 Dual Contact,
Palette 630*630, 10,000rpm, 2APC, Stro...
Horizontal Machining Center(BT50) Okuma MILLAC-525H 2008 NC:FANUC-16iMB, ATC 30, BT50, Palette
400*400, 60~8000rpm, 2APC, Stroke 520...
5 Face Machining Center Johnford DMC-8500 2005 JOHNFORD 5 FACE DOUBLE COLUMN MACHINING CENTER, X/Y/Z axis travel: 8,500/4,... Taiwan SEHO
5 Face Machining Center Leadwell 5FC-40 1999 LEADWELL CNC DOUBLE COLUMN 5-FACE
Taiwan SEHO
Double Column Machining Center Awea LP6521Y 2006 AWEA CNC DOUBLE COLUMN MACHINING CENTER, X/Y/Z axis travel: 6,500/2,500/760... Taiwan SEHO
Double Column Machining Center Toshiba Kikai MPF-10(5C) 2003 TOSNUC 888.2, ATC 40 tools, BT50 BIGPLUS,
Table 1300*1000, 12000rpm, Gate W...
Drilling Center Fanuc α-T14iA 2000 Fanuc-16i-M, T:650*380, S:X500*Y380*Z300,
BT30, ATC-14, 8,000rpm, with tool...
Japan KOWA
Drilling Center Fanuc α-T14iB 2000 FANUC16i-M, ATC14, BT30, T:650*400,
15000rpm, Tsudakoma B-axis Table, Tails...
Drilling Center Fuji Seiki FMC-6/21VR 1987 Fanuc-18iMB(2006' Retro), T:φ1330,
S:Y600*Z560, Swing:2340, Max loading wei...
Japan KOWA
CNC Vertical Miller Makino A 25/25 1998 X - Travel2500 / 3000 mm, Y - Travel1200
mm, Z - Travel1000 mm, bed / plano...
Nederland Mach4metal
CNC Vertical Miller OKK MHA-500 1990 OKK-GML, T:1300*550, S(XYZ):1020*520*560,
Spindle:NT50, Turning speed:45〜18...
Japan KOWA
CNC Cylindrical Grinder Jtekt GE-4P-50II 2008 NC: GC50B, Swing*Distance between centres
φ320*500, grinding wheel (Outer D...
CNC Centerless Grinder Micron MFN-350EDP-Ang 1999 Fanuc-16T, In-feed processing of the
plunger rod, Workpiece:φ9, 6, 1.9*L25....
Japan Mechany
Auto Borer drilling machine Takeda ABS-516SB-ATC 2007 (Work dimensions), 1 Plane:450×1600mm, 2
Planes:450×750mm, 4 Planes:200×750...
Japan H.A.M
Wire EDM Mitsubishi Denki EX30 2000 NC:C11E, Column up 250, Built-in C-axis
3R-MACRO, Work tank size 1400×950×6...
Wire EDM Mitsubishi Denki MV2400R 2013 NC:W31MV-2, Auto-wiring, taper griding,
Stroke (XYZ) 600*400*310, Stroke (U...
0.5m Lathe Washino LRS-55A 1971 φ360*550, Swing over cross table:210,
Japan KOWA
0.8m Lathe Blue Line BL-510S-850 1987 φ510*850, 10"chuck, Rest Japan KOWA
1.5m Lathe Okuma LS-450*1500 1964 Overhauled in 2005' by OKUMA ENGINEERING,
φ500*1500, 10"chuck, Rest
Japan KOWA
Vertical Lathe Sedin 1563 1976 Vertical Lathe VTL Kolomna model 1563,
Maximum diameter installed products-...
Russia M-Service
Face Lathe Nakayama NL-1200 - - Japan KOWA
Face Lathe Nishimori - 1975 chuck:1000, Swing:1150, hole through
diameter:φ110, Work length:2400, 2-res...
Japan KOWA
Face Lathe Tsuda TFL-1600 - Swing:1200, work length:1750, Swing over
saddle:850, Swing over cut-off:160...
Japan KOWA
Vertical Miller Okuma Howa STM-1V 1980 - Japan KOWA
Surface Grinder Kent KGS-200 1985 Made in Taiwan, T:150*300 Japan KOWA
Surface Grinder Nicco NSG-6HD 1988 600*300 Japan KOWA
Surface Grinder Okamoto ASM-420M 2009 S:500*220*100mm, T:400*200mm, Dist. from
table to spindle center: 120-220mm...
Taiwan SEHO
Surface Grinder Okamoto PSG-125 1981 - Japan KOWA
Surface Grinder Perfect PFG-CL3060AH 2011 Table size: 300x600mm, Max. grinding
surface: 300x600mm, Max. dist. from sp...
Taiwan SEHO
Form Grinder Mitsui High-tec MSG-250H-1 1981 chuck:250*120, S:X380*Y200, X-axis
Hydraulic drive, Grindstone:180*13*31.75...
Japan KOWA
Internal Grinder Okamoto IGM-2MB 2008 Swing Over Table φ600, Swing in the
chuck-cover φ350, Maximum machining dia...
Profile Grinder Waida PGX-2500N 2000 NC:Topcon GP-600W2, T:470*210, S:(U-W
-Upper & Lower ) 250*150*100, Stroke ...
Horizontal Borer Nomura B85-SP 1980 S:1000*800*1525, Rotary table:1000*1000,
Japan KOWA
Mold Polishing Machine Amada TOGU-III・S 2003 High precision type, Polishable carbide
die for MERC, Minimum processing di...
Japan Mechany
Corner Cutter Miyakawa RB-5 - Processing sheet thickness:6〜36mm, Sheet
width:70〜500mm, Sheet length:200〜3...
Japan KOWA
Magnet Chuck Yamato Dengyousya SFA350*1260 - - Japan KOWA
Magnet Chuck Yamato Dengyousya SFA350*1260 - - Japan KOWA
Magnet Chuck Yamato Dengyousya SFA350*1260 - - Japan KOWA
Table for Milling Machine - 3.63m - 3630*1100*260(thickness) Japan Mechany
Angle Plate - - - Two faces, 600*600 Japan KOWA
15T Press Amada TP-15CX 1992 S:60, 120spm, DH:200, Adj:40, B:500*300 Japan KOWA
15T Press Washino PUX-15 1990 S:60, 120spm, Adj:40, DH:200, SL:220*150,
B:500*300, Main power:1.5kw×4P
Japan KOWA
25T Press Washino PUX-25KRC 1997 S:80, 120spm, DH:220 Japan KOWA
35T Press Aida NC1-35(2) 1990 S:120, DH:250 Japan Kinoshita-k
35T Press Washino PUX-35KRC 1997 S:110, 100spm, DH:250 Japan KOWA
45T Press Washino PUX-45KRC 1986 S:100, 90:spm, DH:255, Adj:60(Electric),
Japan KOWA
60T Press Amada TP-60X 1979 S:127, 75spm, DH:242.5 Japan KOWA
60T Press Komatsu OBS-60-2 1989 S:120, 42〜85spm, DH:300, BL:1000*550
Electric Adj:70, DATE 3K-200 (2010')
Japan KOWA
60T Press Washino PUX-60AD-KRG 1998 S:160, 65spm(60Hz), DH:335, Adj:70,
SL:500*400, B:920*550, DC
Japan KOWA
110T Press Aida NC1-110(2) 1991 S:180, 35〜65spm, DH:350, Adj:90 Japan KOWA
110T Press Aida NC1-110(2) 1991 S:180, 35〜65spm, DH:350, Adj:90 Japan KOWA
150T Press Amada TP-150C 1990 S:175, 30〜55spm, DH:365, Adj:100,
SL:700*550, B:1250*750, Show mount
Japan KOWA
200T Press Aida NC2-20(1) 1984 St:180, SPM:70, DH:435, Adj:80,
SL:1850x650, BL:2420x680
Japan Takachiho
200T Press Aida PC-20(1) 1975 Capacity:200t, S:160, 20〜40spm, DH:410,
B:1450*800, SL:850*630, Adj:105, Le...
Japan KOWA
300T Link Motion Press Komatsu L2G300-3BM 1999 300ton, S:360, 20〜40spm, DH:650, ,
SLAJ:200, BL:2100*1350*180, SL:2100*1200...
Japan Mechany
350T Press Fukui - 1970 W Crank Press, Capacity:350t, S:450,
16rpm, Adj:250, SH:700, SL:1370*2130...
Japan KOWA
500T Press Erfurt PE 4-HH-500 FS 1996 (2 pieces) of 1996 onwards the bundled in
a very good condition., Table siz...
Russia Techservice
800T Press Erfurt PE 2-UE-800 FS 1989 (3 pieces) of 1989 onwards the bundled
in a very good condition., Table si...
Russia Techservice
60T Bushing Press Ito Kiko - 1986 - Japan KOWA
60T Bushing Press Ito Kiko - 1981 - Japan KOWA
Riveting Machine Brother AD1-101 - - Japan KOWA
Reel Stand Date - - 5 units Japan Takachiho
2.5m Mechanical Shear Amada M-2560 1992 6t*2500, Auto BG・Air support Japan KOWA
4.0m Mechanical Shear Amada M-4045 1991 4.5*4055, Auto BG, Air support Japan Mechany
Deburring Machine Amada IBT-610 2000 Sheet thickness:t0.5〜4.5, Width: Max 600,
Length: Minimum 160
Japan Mechany
Deburring Machine Fuji Seisakusho SGK-5DT(AB) 1997 Dolly table:φ1000, Slide door opening
size:1030*430, Dust collector (Model ...
Japan KOWA
Laser Cutter Amada FO-2412 2001 Max processing size:2520*1270, ,
Oscillator:OLC430H2, 3kw, Pallet changer...
Japan Mechany
Turret Punch Press Amada MERC-M 2003 Ultra-high-precision punch Press, Max
processing size:240*300, Max possible...
Japan Mechany
30T Set Press Amada SP-30 1978 30T*1500*400, SS154III (made in 1986') Japan Mechany
2.4m Hydraulic Press Brake Amada RG-80 1988 80T*2400, Auto BG, OH:370 Japan Mechany
Universal Hydraulic Press Brake Amada SPH-30C 1994 30T, S:100, XY stopper Japan Mechany
1.0m Bending Roll Haeusler VRM HY1000×16 1971 DORNACH Switzerland(Made in Switzerland),
Full auto hydraulic type, with co...
Japan KOWA
2.5m Ring Roll Bender Kawai 10×2500 1977 - Japan KOWA
260mm Band Saw Daito GA-260 1996 Cutting size: round 260・Square width 300
height 260, Max sizing length:400
Japan KOWA
400mm Band Saw Amada HA-400 1991 - Japan KOWA
400mm Band Saw Amada HFA-400 1991 - Japan KOWA
500mm Band Saw Amada HFA-500 2002 Round bar:500, Square bar:500*500, Saw
blade:38*1.3*5300, Machine size:263...
Japan KOWA
530mm Band Saw Amada HFA-530CNC 2007 530mm, Full Auto Japan Kinoshita-t
900mm Band Saw Amada H-900HD 1991 - - Japan Shinmeiwa
Vertical Band Saw Amada VAC-500 1971 - Japan KOWA
Turning Roll Matsumoto 10R-KD - Capacity:10000kg, Power:3φ 200V,
Frequency:50〜60∞, Electric motor 0.75kw
Japan KOWA
Turning Roll Misaki MST30 1968 Max loading weight:30000kg, Turning
speed:100〜1000mm/min, Gearless transmit...
Japan KOWA
Universal Punching Machine Fujimura FK-255N 1991 Universal Punching Machine:19φ*9t, Angle
cut:75*75*6t, Round bar cutting:28...
Japan Mechany
NC Pipe Bender Chiyoda SP-40SL 1994 Max tube thickness diameter:φ38.1*2.0t,
Max bendable center radius:200mmR...
Japan Mechany
120T Injection Molding Machine Nissei DC120-9A 2002 screw diameter φ32, The number of total
shots, 6112172, Operating Time 7343...
220T Injection Molding Machine Nissei TNX220R100A 2010 screw diameter φ71, The number of
totalshots 332030, Operating Time 10459h
350T Injection Molding Machine Toyo TM-350H2 2005 screw diameter φ68, The number of total
shots 1242889, Operating Time 28137...
360T Injection Molding Machine Nissei ES7000 2004 screw diameter φ63, Corrosion resistant
and Abrasion resistant, Operating T...
Mold Heater Robamat 5222 - 200V, 60Hz, 125A, 24VDC, 350℃ Japan KOWA
0.24T Jib Crane Kito 240kg - 240kg, 100V single-phase, Electric motor
Japan KOWA
8.0T Forklift Truck TCM FD80-2 2009 . Japan H.A.M
Coil Lifter Tobu Jukogyo CHTLI-8 2004 Capacity:8T, Coil width:460〜1560, Body +
stand, without operating switch
Japan KOWA
Dolly Iwasaki Rail - 1970 20t, T:3950*2450*700, Wheel width:1450 Japan KOWA
Dolly Osaka Sharyo BT10F15 1992 Loading capacity:10t, Traveling
speed:15M/min, Electric motor
Japan KOWA
Dolly Osaka Sharyo BT10F15 1992 Loading capacity:10t, Traveling
speed:15M/min, Electric motor 1.5kw
Japan KOWA
Dolly Osaka Sharyo BT30F25 1992 Loading capacity:30t, Traveling
speed:15M/min, Electric motor
Japan KOWA
Dolly - - - 25t, T:3950*2200*900, Electric type,
Wheel width:1450
Japan KOWA
Dolly - - - 20t, T:3950*2200*900, Wheel width:1450,
Electric type
Japan KOWA
Spot Welder Daiden - - 30kva Japan KOWA
Spot Welder Panasonic YR-220SV-8BS - 22kva, 200V Japan KOWA
Spot Welder Panasonic YR-706SPA-7T2 1977 70kva, 200V Japan KOWA
Spot Welder Toa SLP-25 1973 25kva, 200V Japan KOWA
1.5kw Air Compressor Anest Iwata MCFD15-8.5D-S25 2000 1.5kw, 60Hz, Oil free, 0.85MPa, Dryer Japan Mechany
5.5kw Air Compressor Meiji GBH-5548A-36 2004 Booster Air Compressor, 5.5kw, 60Hz,
2.45MPa, Tank capacity:155L
Japan Mechany
22kw Air Compressor Mitsui Seiki Z226AS2-R 2006 22kw, 30hHp, Dryer, Operating time:7989h,
200V, 60HZ
Japan KOWA
Air Tank Meiji - 2004 220 liter, 1.08MPa Japan Mechany
Air Tank - - - about 100 liter, Tank size:φ350*1120H,
without pressure meter and nameplate
Japan Mechany
Air Dryer Meiji DRC-22C 2004 Processing air amount:3.6/4.4m3/min,
50/60Hz, 200V, 22kw supported
Japan Mechany
Dust Collector Amada DB-25C 1985 200V, 3φ, 60Hz, Motor 2.2kw Japan KOWA
Material Shelving Amada AMS-1051 2006 5'*10'*10-stairs  Japan Mechany
Material Shelving Amada MARS-10*510 1991 5'*10'*10-stairs*3-rows Japan Mechany
Material Shelving Amada MARS12-408 1994 4'*8'*12-stairs*3-rows Japan Mechany
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