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This is a weekly newsletter from Used Machinery.bz (http://www.usedmachinery.bz). The newsletter reaches over 2000 companies around the world. Used Machinery.bz offers over 7000 used machinery postings from Japan, providing you with advertising for your used machinery. We are sending this message to inform you of the newest additions to the list for the last week.

Picture in the week

Around 1,000 individual dolls for the HINA Festival on March 3rd (Seto, Aichi)

Saying in this week from English Remark dot COM

By all means marry; if you get a good wife, you'll be happy.If you get a bad one, you'll become a philosopher." By Socrates

Wanted Request in Last Week

Title User Name Email
wanted used machinery Japan

Access Top 10 in Last Week

No. ID# Machine Name Owner Access
1 52455 5 Face Machining Center SEHO 47
2 28772 Horizontal Machining Center Midwest 44
3 54899 CNC Lathe KOWA 42
4 54653 180T Injection Molding Machine TS 39
5 42212 Wire EDM MACHINO IMPEXO 39
6 54700 5-Axis Vertical Machining Center Murata Machiney 38
7 53375 Thread Rolling Machine BNI 38
8 54819 Laser Combo Punch Press Kinoshita-k 37
9 53504 Bevel Gear Generator STANKO 37
10 52267 5 Face Machining Center Murata Machiney 36

New Used Machineries Added in Last Week

Machine Name Maker Model Year Specification Photo Country Company
CNC Lathe (2 Spindles) Okuma LT25 1997 Control:OSP-7000L, Swing Ocer Bed:φ65,
10”Hollow System Chuck (Made in Germ...
Japan Murata Machiney
CNC Automatic Bar Lathe Citizen M12 2001 Control:Cincom system M6M,
Max.Diameter:φ12mm, Max.machine
length:200, Numb...
Japan Murata Machiney
Vertical Machining Center Okuma MILLAC-6VA 1988 OSP-HMG, T:1800*700, ATC-30,
S:2000*650*580, 20~3600rpm, BT50,
Japan Maruzen
Vertical Machining Center(BT40) OKK VP-600 2004 Fanuc-180is-MB, T:1300*610,
S:1120*610*460, 12000rpm, ATC-20, Hyper
HQ cont...
Japan Kinoshita-k
Double Column Machining Center Okuma MCV-16*30 1988 contral:OSP-5000M-G, Distance between
columns:1650, Table:1200×3100, Spindl...
Japan Murata Machiney
CNC Vertical Miller Makino AEV5A-85 2002 Professional En, T:1350*480,
S:X850*Y500*Z400, Spindle: No.50,
Japan KOWA
CNC Vertical Miller Okamoto VMC-800 1982 F-6M, T:1300*500, #40, S:814*510*510,
80~3500rpm(no step), 7.5Kw
Japan Maruzen
EDM Mitsubishi Denki EA12ME 2004 Controller:FP60EA, Processing tank inside
size:950*600*350, T:700*500, S:X4...
Japan KOWA
EDM Sodick AP3R 1987 MARK-XI Caxis, ATC-8, T:600*300 AVR,
S:300*200*250, Oil cooler
Japan Maruzen
Vertical Turning Lathe Sedin 1L532 (3200x1600) 1985 Table diameter 2800 mm, swing diameter
3200 mm, turning height 1600 mm max...
Ukraine ERSM
Vertical Miller OKK MH-2V 1984 - Japan KOWA
Vertical Miller OKK MH-3V 1984 T:1650*380, S:920*350*450, 3-axis digital Japan Kinoshita-k
Surface Grinder Kuroda GS-65PF 2006 Mg T:500x500mm, 2000rpm, Wheel dia:355mm, Y/Z scale Japan H.A.M
Universal Cylindrical Grinder Toyoda Koki GUP32-50 1990 φ320*500, Grindstone:φ355*50t*φ127, with
internal grinding device
Japan KOWA
Jig Grinder Hauser S3-CNC314 - - Japan Maruzen
Center Hole Grinder Toyoda Koki GC12-130 1983 φ280×1300mm, steady rest:φ4~120,
Wheel:10,000rpm, WheelS:90mm, Center
hole ...
Japan Maruzen
Center Hole Grinder Toyoda Koki GC12-130 1974 - Japan Kinoshita-k
Horizontal Boring Miller Yasuda YBM-50J-S - T:□500, S:520*420*500,
40~2250rpm(32step), NT-50, Index:every
90°, 3axis di...
Japan Maruzen
Lapping Machine Hamai 9BN 2011 Auto sizing device Japan Kinoshita-k
150T Press Komatsu OBS-150-3 1989 S:250, 27〜55spm, DH:475, B:1250*800,
SL:700*550, Die cushion
- Japan KOWA
150T Press Komatsu OBS-150-3 1988 S:200, 27〜55spm, DH:450, B:1250*800,
SL:700*550, Die cushion
- Japan KOWA
200T Press Komatsu OBS-200-5B 1995 S:160, 35〜70spm, DH:410, B:1450*680,
- Japan KOWA
250T Press Aida NCS-250(2) 1994 S:380, 20~30spm, DH:900, Adj:120,
SL:Elec., CB:Wet Type, With CA
Japan A.B.C
800T Sheet Stamping Press Voronezh K4039 (4200 x 2100) 1976 Capacity 800ton, Ram stroke 800mm, Number
of ram strokes 15spm, Max. distan...
Ukraine ERSM
200T Hydraulic Press Amino PF200V 1984 Max outpur:200*50t, T:1200*1000, S:800,
DL:1200, DC
Japan KOWA
45T Transfer Press Asahi Seiki STP-45 1994 Capacity:45ton, Stroke:65mm , Shut
Height:350mm, 40-150spm, NO.of stations...
South Korea SEIN Machinery
2.5m Mechanical Shear Amada M-2545 1994 4.5t*2500mm, 60spm Japan H.A.M
2.5m Mechanical Shear Amada M-2545 1980 4.5t*2500, 60spm, Motor HP: 5.5kw, with
piler device
Japan KOWA
1.2m Hydraulic Shear Toyo Koki HSS-1245 1997 BG Japan KOWA
2.0m Hydraulic Shear Komatsu SHS-10*205 1986 10t*2050, Elec BG, with spare blade Japan KOWA
3.0m Hydraulic Shear Amada H-3065 1985 6.5t*3050, Elec BG, Magnet support Japan Mechany
4.1m Hydraulic Shear Komatsu SHF-4*410 1986 - Japan KOWA
Notching Machine Amada CSW-220 1976 3.2t*220*220, Edge notch:75*100 Japan Mechany
Turret Punch Press Amada ARIES-222 1988 Max processing size:600*1200, 10st, No
Index, NC:03P, Short mold specificat...
Japan Mechany
Turret Punch Press Amada MERC-722S 2001 Processing size:460*500, Fanuc 18P-C,
sheet thickness:2.3, 12st, S:18.5, 30...
Japan KOWA
30T Set Press Amada SP-30 1983 30T, XY stopper Japan Mechany
2.0m Hydraulic Press Brake Komatsu PHS-50*200 1985 50T*2000, S:150, Gap depth:255, OH:355 Japan KOWA
3.0m Hydraulic Press Brake Amada RG-125 1990 125T*3000, Auto BG - Japan A & G
15T Injection Molding Machine Toyo Si-15 1999 Screw dia: 18mm, STAR SP-600FC,
-Temperature Controller / Accumulator
Japan H.A.M
100T Injection Molding Machine Sumitomo SE100DUZ-C160 2009 Screw dia:22mm Japan H.A.M
180T Injection Molding Machine Toshiba SE180D-CR 2009 Screw dia:32mm, 28mm, STAR TW-800FMIII-3,
Temperature Controller, Jet Selec...
Japan H.A.M
220T Injection Molding Machine Sumitomo SH-220C 2001 Screw dia:63mm Japan H.A.M
6.0T Forklift Truck TCM FD60-9 2005 6470hrs Japan H.A.M
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