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This is a weekly newsletter from Used Machinery.bz (http://www.usedmachinery.bz). The newsletter reaches over 2000 companies around the world. Used Machinery.bz offers over 7000 used machinery postings from Japan, providing you with advertising for your used machinery. We are sending this message to inform you of the newest additions to the list for the last week.

Picture in the week

The 138 Tower Park in Spring(Ichinomiya, Aichi)

Saying in this week from English Remark dot COM

All the world's a stage, And all the men and women merely players. They have their exits and their entrances; And one man in his time plays many parts." By William Shakespeare

Wanted Request in Last Week

Title User Name Email
Okuma Gantry mills needed, 2,000x4,000mm or larger Thailand, Joe
Mechanical press 200-315 T Poland, Gorbrex
5t Bridge frame hydraulic free forging hammer ERSM

Access Top 10 in Last Week

No. ID# Machine Name Owner Access
1 55303 CNC Turning Center Kinoshita-k 46
2 49747 Laser Cutter ORIENT 35
3 52455 5 Face Machining Center SEHO 34
4 55081 Laser Cutter Mechany 29
5 51344 CNC Lathe Maruzen 29
6 54680 Vertical Machining Center(BT40) Shinmeiwa 29
7 42212 Wire EDM MACHINO IMPEXO 28
8 53169 Turret Punch Press A & G 28
9 54809 CNC Cylindrical Grinder H.A.M 28
10 55003 Vertical Miller Aim SSK 27

New Used Machineries Added in Last Week

Machine Name Manufacturer Model Year Specification Photo Country Company
CNC Lathe DMG Mori Seiki NL-2500Y/700 2010 - Japan Shinmeiwa
CNC Lathe Mazak QT-20HP 1996 Mazatrol-T Puls, 8"3-jaw, 8-satation
turret, Tail cup・Chip Conveyor
Japan KOWA
CNC Lathe Washino GG-5 2008 Fanuc-18iTB, Max. swing:φ250, Workpiece size:φ50*40, S(X*Z):200*220, 4 inch... Japan AK technos
Vertical Machining Center Yang MV 1200 2004 Controll:Fanuc 18M,
S(XYZ):1200*500*600mm, Table
Length*Width:1220*560 mm...
Nederland Mach4metal
Vertical Machining Center(BT40) Mori Seiki Dura Vertical 5060 2007 MSC-504, S:600*530*510, T:900*600, BT40, ATC-30 - Japan Shinmeiwa
Vertical Machining Center(BT50) OKK VM-5III 2010 Fanuc-Ai(Fanuc180is), S:1020*510*510,
T:1050*560, 6000rpm, BT50, ATC20, Spi...
Japan Shinmeiwa
Horizontal Machining Center(BT50) Toyoda Koki FH50 1990 Fanuc-15M - Japan KOWA
5 Face Machining Center Toshiba MPE-2640(5H) 2007 Tosnuc888, S:5000*3400*1000, Gate
height:300‾1300, Gate width:2600,
Japan Shinmeiwa
5 Face Machining Center Toshiba Kikai MPE-2640(5H) 2007 Tosnuc888, S:5000*3400*1000, Gate
height:300-1300mm, Gate width:2600mm, tab...
Japan Shinmeiwa
Double Column Machining Center Mazak VQC-15/40 1989 Mzatrol-M32, Spindle:6000rpm, BT40 ,
ATC-16, T:410*900, S:560*410*381
Japan KOWA
Double Column Machining Center SNK RB-3V 1992 Fanuc-0M, Distance between columns:2100, T:2000*3000, S:3350*2050*400*1100... - Japan AK technos
CNC Vertical Miller Ohtori BMV-500ANC 1993 Fanuc 0-M, T:1600*460, S:1050*500*580, Spindle turning speed:Max 2730rpm(va... Japan KOWA
CNC Vertical & Horizontal Miller Kuraki CMN-5B 1984 Fanuc-6, S:1500*640*600, T:2000*600 Japan KOWA
CNC Jig Grinder Waida JG-35CPX 1994 Fanuc-15M, T:610*310, S(XYZ):450*280*300,
100 quill, Spindle:(high-speed)18...
Japan KOWA
CNC Gun Drill Miroku MHG-1200 1989 Drilling hole diameter:φ4〜30,
Depth:φ12〜1500, Spindle
- Japan KOWA
CNC Horizontal Borer Kuraki KBT-15DXA 1991 Fanuc-15M, T:1800*1600, 90°index (manual index is available), S:3000*2000*1... - Japan AK technos
0.8m Lathe Mori Seiki MS-850 - - Japan Kinoshita-k
1.0m Lathe Ikegai A25 1982 φ500*1000, 12inch 3jaw chuck, 18~2000rpm 13step, Boreφ55 2axis digital Japan Maruzen
Screw-cutter Ryazan 165 1970 Work piece maximum diameter 1000 mm; work
piece maximum length 2800 mm. wei...
Surface Grinder Kuroda GS-CHFNC 1990 - Japan Shinmeiwa
Cylindrical & Internal Grinder Tos BUB 50 1995 Controll K51 Teach in, Cylindical,
Grinding diameter Ø 500 mm, Grinding ...
Nederland Mach4metal
1150mm Radial Drill Mori Seiki YR3-115 - 6.5*1300 Japan KOWA
1300mm Radial Drill Ooya RE2-1300A - Spindle:MT5, 38〜1985rpm(12-gear), Column
diameter:340, Arm vertical movemen...
Japan KOWA
2500mm Radial Drill Higashi Tekko ARD-2500B 1987 width 6.5*1300 Japan KOWA
Jig Borer Urawa UA-53 1988 T:610*510, S:500*350*280, 80‾8000rpm,
ATC-24, Shank MAS BT35/30, MASII, Spi...
Japan Shinmeiwa
Shaper Okuma SS-600 1972 Max S:655, Max processing width:760,
Table vertical movement:380, T:W457*D4...
Japan Shinmeiwa
Electric Rotary Index Table Yukiwa DEF-500 - T:500 Japan Kinoshita-k
Electric Rotary Index Table Yukiwa DEF-500 - T:500 Japan Kinoshita-k
Electric Rotary Index Table Yukiwa DEF-630 - T:630 Japan Kinoshita-k
Mist Collector Amano EM-15FH - 200V, 60Hz, 0.75kw Japan Shinmeiwa
Oil Mist Equipment Amano EM-15FH - 60Hz, 200V, 0.75kw Japan Shinmeiwa
1600T Hot Forging Press Voronezh KB8042 1985 3 pcs., Nominal force,TN 1600, RAM
stroke:300mm, Table 1050 x 1200mm, Numbe...
2500T Hot Forging Press Voronezh KB8544 1980 Nominal capacity ton 2500, Table width
1200mm, 7mutgpme2, Table depth 1400m...
4000T Hot Forging Press Smeral LZK 4000 1979 Quantity:2 pcs, , Nominal force, t 4000,
Distance clear between uprights, m...
Reel Stand Futaba AR-100-2 - 200V, 50/60Hz, 3φ, 12/14rpm, 100kg - Japan KOWA
2.5m Mechanical Shear Amada DCT-2545 2000 4.5t*2500, Auto BG, Short return conveyor Japan Rivertech
Laser Cutter Amada FO-3015 2002 Fanuc-AF4000E, Fanuc-160i-L, 2-pallet Japan Murayama
Laser Cutter Amada FO-3015NT 2004 LST3015NT, AF4000E, AMNC Japan Kinoshita-t
Laser Cutter Koike Sanso TEX-3540Z 2012 12m rail, Y:3500mm, Fanuc-C 4000i-c,
Fanuc-31i-L MB
Japan Murayama
Laser Cutter Mazak NEW TURBO X48 1998 Mazatrol L-32B, CO2 Laser YB-L150B 7MI
(1.5kw), 2500*1250*12mm
Japan Kinoshita-t
Laser Cutter Mazak SUPER TURBO-X48 Mk2 2001 Mazatrol L32B, CO2 Laser YB-L250A 8MI
(2.5kw), 2500*1250*22mm
Japan Kinoshita-t
Laser Cutter Trumpf L2530 TruLaser2525 2001 TRUMATIC, LLF3000 turbo ,3kw, 2-pallet,
X-2500mm Y-1250mm Z-115mm
Japan Murayama
Turret Punch Press Amada COMA-567 1989 58st, 2A/I, 04PC, With Tools Japan Mesena
Turret Punch Press Amada EM-2510NT 2007 4*8, 58st, 2A/I, AMNC-F, Brush table,
with video
Japan Rivertech
Turret Punch Press Amada PEGA-345 1996 58st, 2A/I, 04PC - Japan Mesena
Turret Punch Press Amada VIPROS-357Q 1998 04PC, 2A/I, H, 58st Japan Kinoshita-t
1.2m Hydraulic Press Brake Amada ITPS 1989 Control Amada Promecam,
Pressbrake.Hydraulic up stroke,
Hydraulic / Mechani...
- Nederland Mach4metal
2.0m Hydraulic Press Brake Amada FBDIII-5020 1998 50T*2000, NC-LD, S:150, OH:420 Japan Rivertech
3.0m Hydraulic Press Brake Amada FBDIII-1253 1997 125T*3000, NC-LD, S:150, OH:420 Japan Rivertech
Servo Press Brake Amada FMB-5613NT 2003 56T*1300, S:100, OH:255, AMNCPC Japan Mechany
400mm Band Saw Amada HFA-400CNC 1996 400mm, Full auto Japan Kinoshita-t
Iron Worker Amada IW-45II 1996 45T*2.5m, NC:01FA, with mold Japan Rivertech
Unit Worker Takeda Kikai UW-45 1996 45T*2500(X-axis sizing), with NC, without
Japan Mechany
Frame Bender Kanzaki TFB-300 2000 Max bending material:L400*100*13*18, Max bending capacity: push 300Ton / pu... Japan KOWA
15kw Air Compressor Mitsui Seiki ZV-15AS4-R NEW 0.7mpa, 2.6m3/min, 15kw, 50/60Hz,
Japan Shinmeiwa
15kw Air Compressor Mitsui Seiki ZV15AS4-R - Unused product, 0.7MPa, Discharge air
quantity:2.6m3/min, 15kw, 200/200・220...
Japan Shinmeiwa
15kw Air Compressor Mitsui Seiki ZV15AS4-R - Unused product, 0.7MPa, Discharge air
quantity:2.6m3/min, 200/200・220V, 50/...
Japan Shinmeiwa
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