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This is a weekly newsletter from Used Machinery.bz (http://www.usedmachinery.bz). The newsletter reaches over 2000 companies around the world. Used Machinery.bz offers over 7000 used machinery postings from Japan, providing you with advertising for your used machinery. We are sending this message to inform you of the newest additions to the list for the last week.

Picture in the week

USUZUMI-ZAKURA Cherry Tree, Over 1,500 years old, in Neo Valley (Gifu Motosu)

Saying in this week from English Remark dot COM

Absurdity. A statement or belief manifestly inconsistent with one's own opinion." By Ambrose Bierce

Wanted Request in Last Week

Title User Name
stationary rotary wagon tippler VRS-125 (BPC-125) Poland, Gorbrex
broaching machine IRAN, Abal salehi

Access Top 10 in Last Week

No. ID# Machine Name Owner Access
1 54845 800T Billet shear ERSM 54
2 51048 1600T Forging Line Plus K 53
3 54843 4000T Hot Forging Press ERSM 52
4 55343 CNC Lathe Shinmeiwa 51
5 48121 Vertical Lathe ERSM 50
7 55401 CNC Lathe KOWA 46
8 54126 Roll Grinding Machine ERSM 45
9 55380 CNC Duplex Milling Machine H.A.M 42
10 42212 Wire EDM MACHINO IMPEXO 41

New Used Machineries Added in Last Week

Machine Name Maker Model Year Specification Photo Country Company
CNC 2-Saddle Turning Lathe FAT TUR 630A M N 2004 Swing over bed Ø630 mm, Control Siemens, Swing over cross slide 370 mm, Dis... Nederland Mach4metal
CNC Lathe Mori Seiki NL-3000/2000 2011 M-720BM, V10, 3000rpm, Maximum machining diameter*length φ420*2123, 12inch ... Japan U-MACHINE
CNC Lathe Mori Seiki TL-40B - swing over bed 620, swing over cross
slide 380, width bed,distance between ...
Taiwan Ryokuta Machine
CNC Vertical Turret Lathe Jungenthal DK-1400 Type WM4050 - Table Dia 1250 , MAX SWING 1350mm~1520mm,
RAM TYPE , NEW:(NC-controlled-X-a...
Taiwan Ryokuta Machine
CNC Vertical Turret Lathe Romanian SC 43 1987 166” CNC VTL Model SC 43, Maximum turning diameter 4160 mm, Maximum turni... USA Jed Black Corp
Multi tasking CNC Lathe Mori Seiki NT-4300DCG 1000SZ 2009 MSX-711III CapsL φ730*983 Cross:φ750, MATSUMOTO KW4JA8-12 hydraulic ... - Japan Maruzen
Multitasking Machine Mazak INTEGREX60 x 2000U 1991 MAZATROL T32-3 21"chuck Center:2000mm X:700 Z:2035mm Spidle bore:118mm 130... Japan H.A.M
Vertical Machining Center Okuma Howa MILLAC-511V 1999 Fanuc-18iM , T:510×1270mm,
X:1000 Y:510 Z:520 BT50 ATC:20 4000rpm 
- Japan H.A.M
Vertical Machining Center Urawa UA-53 1988 table:610*510, S:500*350*280,
80~8,000rpm, ATC24, MAS BT35/30, MASII, main ...
Japan Shinmeiwa
Horizontal Machining Center Makino Tongtai A55・TMH-400 - A55, Table:400×400, X.Y.Z:560×560×560,
ATC 60, APC 8, BT40, RPM 10000, FANU...
Taiwan Ryokuta Machine
5 Face Machining Center SNK RB-5VM 1998 FANUC-18MC, Between column:2900,
T:2.5m*6m, S:X6250*Y2900*Z600*W1400(CNC co...
- Japan Maruzen
CNC Horizontal Boring Mill KURAKI KBT-13DX AP 1990 T:1600*1800 , Fanuc 15M 2 pallets ,
S:X3300*Y1800*Z1300*W700, B-0.001 Table...
- Japan Maruzen
CNC Rotary Surface Grinder Shigiya G-30ND 2008 【Remodeling】, FANUC NC 2 axis, General purpose⇒NC, table swing 300, center ... Japan Shinmeiwa
CNC Internal Grinder Taisei GRI-1500N2K 1998 Grindable hole diameter:φ50-500, Hole
depth:600, Swing over table:φ800, Spi...
Japan Mechany
CNC Internal Thread Grinding Machine Mitsui GSN18i - Swing over bed 480φ, work spindle
rotation and travel 2 axes, auto wheel
- Taiwan Ryokuta Machine
CNC Cylindrical Grinder Shigiya G-30ND 2008 Fanuc NC 2-axis specification(Remodeling
General-purpose machine to NC), it...
Japan Shinmeiwa
CNC Gear Hobber Japan I.M.A FBM-15CNC - MAX DIA 1500φ, MAX MODULE 20, TABLE SIZE 1300, CUTTING DIA 180~280, FANUC 0... Taiwan Ryokuta Machine
Wire EDM Makino EC-3040 EC-7050 - EC-3040, Table size 460x610, XY:300x400,
Workpiece dimensions420x570x120, M...
Taiwan Ryokuta Machine
2.0m Lathe Okuma LT-2000 1970 23〜1200rpm, chuck 20", chuck inner
diameter100, hole trough 65φ, bed length...
Japan Shinmeiwa
Face Lathe Fujii 60-6FLH-30 - Swing Over bed 1500, Swing over gap2000, Swing over cross slide 1100, Dista... Taiwan Ryokuta Machine
Vertical Miller Kasuga V2 - #40, T:1200*300, S:800*350*420, 3600rpm, 3-axis digital Japan Kinoshita-k
Vertical Miller Makino KSJP 1982 3-axis digital Japan Kinoshita-k
Cylindrical Grinder Okuma GU40-165 1981 φ430*1700(Max), Grind wheel:355*50*127,
Overhauled in 2003'
Japan KOWA
Cylindrical Grinder Okuma GU40-165 1980 φ430*1700(Max), Grind wheel:355*50*127,
Overhauled in 2003'
Japan KOWA
Roller Grinding and Mirror Finishing Mac Sanko SM-1LG-2000 - distance between centers 2000, max
grinding dia 350
Taiwan Ryokuta Machine
Worm and Thread Grinding Machine Nihon Kikai GA-100 - Distance between center 500, max length
grinding 300, max dia grinding 100φ...
Taiwan Ryokuta Machine
Gear Hobber Hamai 150SP - Max dia 150φ, Max module 3 , Max length
300, Auto Cycle Helix Angle ±45°, N...
Taiwan Ryokuta Machine
Gear Hobber Kashifuji KR-601 - Max workpiece dia 600φ, Without support
450, Module5, Crown hobbing equipme...
Taiwan Ryokuta Machine
Gear Hobber Koepfer 140 Type - MAX DIA 70φ, MAX MODULE 1.5, MAX LENGTH 100 Taiwan Ryokuta Machine
Gear Hobber Liebherr L-901 - Max dia 900, Max module 10, table dia
710, gear width 370, table hole 160、d...
Taiwan Ryokuta Machine
Gear Hobber Nachi HB-400H・HB-300H - HB-400H, MAX DIA400, MAX Module 6, AUTO CYCLE TYPE(HIGHT COLUMN TYPE), 1. H... Taiwan Ryokuta Machine
Gear Hobber Nihon Kikai NDP-2(660) - Max dia 660φ, Max Module 6, Auto cycle
Taiwan Ryokuta Machine
Gear Hobber Nihon Kikai NP-300 - MAX DIA300φ, MAX MODULE6, High production type, 1. Hydraulic Auto 2 Cycle C... Taiwan Ryokuta Machine
Gear Hobber Pfauter RS-3V - MAX DIA 1800φ, MAX MODULE 15, Table Dia 970mm Taiwan Ryokuta Machine
Gear Shaper Karats GS-101A - Max Dia 180(external), Max Dia
152(Internal), Max module5
Taiwan Ryokuta Machine
Bevel Gear Cutting Machine Nihon Kikai B-800 - MAX DIAMETER 800φ, MAX MODULE 25 Taiwan Ryokuta Machine
Hypoid Gear Generator Gleason No. 2 No. 102 No. 463 - No. 2, 4 1/4 DIA , UP TO 16DP, Max face
width 7/16, -----------------------...
Taiwan Ryokuta Machine
Hypoid Lapper Gleason No. 119 - MAX LAPPER 273mm Taiwan Ryokuta Machine
HOB Sharpener Machine Klingelnberg AGW-160・AGW-230 - AGW-160, MAX OUTSIDE OF HOB 160, MINIMUN ROOT DIA OF HOB 0, MAX FLUTE GRIND... Taiwan Ryokuta Machine
Precision Roll Forming Machine Nachi PFS-610 - Max Rolling Dia40, Max Rolling
Module1.25, Main Motor 30HP, Max Rack
Taiwan Ryokuta Machine
Rotary Table Toshiba BR-20/25B(TF)-15 - Table size 2000×2500, load on table
20Ton, Table weight 15Ton
Taiwan Ryokuta Machine
150T Press Aida NC1-150(2) 1990 S:200, 45spm, DH:400, Adj:Elec, CB:Wet
Type, Without CA
Japan A.B.C
150T Press Aida NC1-150(2) 1990 S:200, 45spm, DH:400, Adj:Elec, CB:Wet
Type, Without CA
Japan A.B.C
DONG SHIN 800ton Straight Side Press DONG SHIN DONG SHIN 800ton Straight Side Press 2007 Capacity 800 ton, Stroke 600 mm, Die
height 1400 mm, 20 spm, Bolster 3800 m...
South Korea SEIN Machinery
Komatsu 800ton Straight Side Press Komatsu 1000-4P - Capacity 800 ton, Stroke 840 mm, Die
height 1520 mm, 16 spm, Bolster 3000 m...
South Korea SEIN Machinery
Sung Jin 600ton Hydraulic Press Sung Jin DDP-600 1998 Capacity 600 ton, Stroke 1000 mm, Die
height 1500 mm, Bolster 2500 mm X 1...
South Korea SEIN Machinery
DAEDONG 800ton Hydraulic Press Kawasaki AJP 800 - Capacity 800 ton, Stroke 1000 mm, Open
height 1400 mm, Bolster 2300 mm X 14...
South Korea SEIN Machinery
KUK DONG 1000ton Hydraulic Press KUK DONG KD TP-1200 2008 Capacity 1000 ton, Stroke 1800 mm,
Bolster 4000 mm X 2400 mm, Main motor 93...
South Korea SEIN Machinery
2.5m Mechanical Shear Amada DCT-2565 1985 2500mm X 6.5t、AUTO/BG,,Air Support、Spare blade Japan Mesena
Laser Cutter Amada Quatoro 2003 Fanuc-160i-L, AF1000, 1.0kw South Korea Mesena
400mm Band Saw Amada HFA-400CNC 1996 φ410, □406, Program cut Japan Mechany
Twin Screw Co-rotational Extruder Sakaguchi STW-45 - Screw:45mm, Motor:22kW Japan BI
0.10T Chain Block Kito LOT - - Japan Shinmeiwa
Projector Mitsutoyo PJ-311T4-200 1992 Screen:φ300, Lens: 50・20・10 Japan KOWA
7.5kw Air Compressor Mitsui Seiki ZV08SR 2008 operating time:3635hr, 50/60Hz,
200/220・220V, 1.2m3/min, 0.83MPa, 7.5kw
Japan Shinmeiwa
7.5kw Air Compressor Mitsui Seiki ZV08SR 2008 Operation time:3,635 hr, 50/60Hz,
3φ200/220・220V, Discharge air
Japan Shinmeiwa
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