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This is a weekly newsletter from Used Machinery.bz (http://www.usedmachinery.bz). The newsletter reaches over 2000 companies around the world. Used Machinery.bz offers over 7000 used machinery postings from Japan, providing you with advertising for your used machinery. We are sending this message to inform you of the newest additions to the list for the last week.

Picture in the week

UKIMIDO on SAGIIKE Pond in the Middle of NARA Park (Nara-shi Nara)

Saying in this week from English Remark dot COM

Remember that the most beautiful things in the world are the most useless; peacocks and lilies for instance." By John Ruskin.

Wanted Request in Last Week

Access Top 10 in Last Week

No. ID# Machine Name Owner Access
1 51048 1600T Forging Line Plus K 81
2 55483 CNC Internal Grinder Mechany 47
3 55475 Multitasking Machine H.A.M 44
4 42212 Wire EDM MACHINO IMPEXO 40
5 49747 Laser Cutter ORIENT 39
6 53294 Vertical Machining Center DAINA 39
7 36646 Lathe Ajmera 39
8 55343 CNC Lathe Shinmeiwa 38
9 55474 Laser Cutter Mesena 37
10 54700 5-Axis Vertical Machining Center Murata Machiney 34

New Used Machineries Added in Last Week

Machine Name Maker Model Year Specification Photo Country Company
CNC Lathe Dainichi Kinzoku DL75-2500 1996 Fanuc-20T, Swing:750, Work length:2500,
Spindle speed:12〜1120rpm, through h...
Japan KOWA
CNC Lathe Mori Seiki NL-2500/1250 2011 MSX-850IV, V12, 4000rpm, Maximum
machining diameter*length:φ356*1298,
CNC Lathe (Gang Plate) Seibu SNC-30Pi 2003 Fanuc-21iTB Japan Kinoshita-k
Vertical Machining Center Matsuura Kikai V.PLUS-1000 2012 G-TECH 30i(Fanuc), ATC30, BT40 Dual
Contact, T:1150*550, 12000rpm, S:1020*5...
Vertical Machining Center Mazak VTC-16A 1998 Mazatrol-M-Plus, T:900*410,
S(XYZ):560*410*510mm, 7000rpm, BT40,
Japan H.A.M
Vertical Machining Center OKK VM-53R 2017 New Machine, Control:Fanuc-31i-B,
Table:1050*560, S(XYZ):1050*530*510,
Japan Murata Machiney
Vertical Machining Center OKK VP-400 2007 Fanuc 180iS-MB, ATC-30, BT40, T:900*410,
12000rpm, S:600*410*460, automatic...
Vertical Machining Center Sizuoka B-7VG 2006 Fanuc 20i-F, T:1000*510, Max. loading
capacity on table:700kg, S:710*510*51...
Japan AK technos
Vertical Machining Center(BT50) OKK MCV-410 1989 GMC, T:1000*450, S:X760*Y410*Z510,
Spindle:BT50, 35〜3500rpm, ATC-20
Japan KOWA
Vertical Machining Center(BT50) Toyoda Koki PV-6 1990 Fanuc-15M, S:X1050*Y650*Z660, Spindle
turning speed:20〜5000rpm, Spindle dia...
Japan KOWA
Drilling Center Fanuc α-T14iB 2000 Fanuc-16iM, 8000rpm, BT30 - Japan H.A.M
CNC Vertical Miller Enshu SEV 1990 Scalecontrol III, T:1150*320,
S:750*320*400, NT50, 2000rpm
Japan AK technos
CNC Vertical Miller Makino Vcenter 105 1999 S(XYZ):1050*560*560 mm, Bed milling,
Control lTNC 426, Table:1400L*550W, Ta...
Nederland Mach4metal
CNC Vertical Miller OKK MHA-460 1997 MELDAS - Japan AK technos
1.0m Lathe Ikegai A-25 1984 Digital Japan KOWA
2.5m Lathe Takisawa TAL-600*2500 - φ600*2500, 4-jaw 9"chuck(KITAGAWA JS09),
Steady rest
Japan Kinoshita-k
10.0m Heavy Duty Lathe Merli Clovis Clovis 70 1980 Swing over bed:φ1450 mm, Control
Conventionel, Swing over cross slide 970
Nederland Mach4metal
Table for Milling machine - Namsun 2006 T:1100*280, S:820*300*450*90, NT50,
1400rpm, 3 axes digital
Japan AK technos
Vertical Miller Enshu VF - - Japan Shinmeiwa
Vertical Miller Enshu VF-2 1976 S:750*270*450, T:1350*270, T-groove
(Number * Width * Spacing)3*16*60, NST ...
Japan Shinmeiwa
Vertical Miller Enshu - - - Japan Shinmeiwa
Vertical Miller Howa VM-2A 1968 T:1350*270, S:710*260*410, 60‾1510rpm, NT No.50, Electric motor:3.7kw(5HP)*... Japan Shinmeiwa
Vertical Miller Makino KJ 1973 - Japan Shinmeiwa
Horizontal Miller Enshu HF-2 - NT50 Japan AK technos
Surface Grinder Nicco NSG-64H 1982 chuck:600*400 Japan KOWA
Horizontal Borer Ikegai DA-2125T 1973 Spindle:125φ, 3-axis digital,
Table:1200*1400, taper:MT#6
Japan KOWA
Planer Stanko 7814 1984 Max. working length 14000mm.,max.width
2000mm.,height 200mm.,dimensions 201...
Block with V groove OSS - 2007 200mm Japan Kinoshita-k
150T Press Aida NC1-150(2 1985 S:200, 55spm, DH:400, Adj:100,
SL:700*580, B:1170*760, VS Motor,
without DC
Japan KOWA
200T Press Whail HCA-200-2A 2008 Capacity 200 ton, Stroke 250 mm, Die
height 550 mm, 40 spm, Bolster 1500 mm...
South Korea SEIN Machinery
250T Press KMC KD-250 1999 Capacity 250 ton, Stroke 250 mm, Die
height 550 mm, 35 spm, Bolster 2700 mm...
South Korea SEIN Machinery
60T High Speed Press Aida HMX-600U 1995 Capacity 60 ton, Stroke 25 mm, Die height
280 mm, 150-750 spm, Bolster 950 ...
South Korea SEIN Machinery
350T Press Komatsu E2G-350 1987 Capacity 350 ton, Stroke 450 mm, Die
height 650 mm, 15-25 spm, Bolster 2100...
South Korea SEIN Machinery
500T Mechanical Press SsangYong DA-500 1995 Capacity 500 ton, Stroke 400 mm, Die
height 350 mm, 12-24 spm, Bolster 2500...
South Korea SEIN Machinery
25T Transfer Press Asahi Seiki MTP3-25 1980 Capacity 25 ton, Stroke 50.8 mm, Die
height 254 mm, No.of station 12
South Korea SEIN Machinery
2.5m Mechanical Shear Aizawa AD-625 1992 6.5t*2500, Auto BG, without support Japan Mechany
Deburring Machine Fuji BTW-600 2006 sheet thickness:t0.5〜12.0(a fixture is
necessary for 8.0 or more), width: M...
Japan Mechany
Laser Cutter Amada FO-2412NT 2004 Max processing size:2520*1270, C-4000,
4kw, Chiller, Dust Collector, NC:AMN...
Japan Mechany
Laser Cutter Mitsubishi Denki ML3015HVP-20CF2 2008 work size:3050*1525, Rated:2.0kw, Pallet
Japan Mechany
Laser Cutter Mitsubishi Denki ML3015HVP-40CF 2006 work size:3050*1525, Rated:4.0kw, Pallet
changer, Chiller, Dust Collector...
Japan Mechany
Turret Punch Press Amada EM-2510NT 2004 58st, 2A/I, AMNC-F - Japan A & G
Turret Punch Press Amada VIPROS-345Q 1996 04PC, 2A/I, H, 58st Japan Kinoshita-t
Turret Punch Press Amada VIPROS-357 1990 04PC, 2A/I, H, 58st Japan Kinoshita-t
Servo Press Brake Komatsu PAS-35*1250 1995 35T*1250, FB3000 Japan Mechany
400mm Band Saw Amada HFA-400CNC 2004 400mm, full auto Japan Kinoshita-t
Cold Saw Tsune TK5C-101GLNC 1997 Cutting material:Round material 25-100mm
Squared material 25-75mm(open cent...
Japan KOWA
360T Injection Molding Machine Nissei NEX7000-9E 2005 Clamping force:360t, Screw diameter:26mm,
Operation time:6369h, Number of s...
Japan KOWA
8.0T Forklift Truck Komatsu FD80HD-8 2008 Height:3000mm, Side shift, A/C, cabins Japan H.A.M
Nugget Profiler Nippon Kouatsu NPF01C-1001 - Set contents, ・Measurement terminal,
・Cable (remote switch), ・PC with softw...
Japan Shinmeiwa
Swaging Machine Yoshida Kinen 10HP-SD 1984 Dice:50W*40H*150L-2-direction,
Motor:7.5kw, Max processing diameter:
Japan Hatano
Swaging Machine - - - Swaging machine processing for sheath
heater with automatic inserter, Dice:...
Japan Hatano
Round Bar Straightener - - - φ25 Japan Hatano
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