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This is a weekly newsletter from Used Machinery.bz (http://www.usedmachinery.bz). The newsletter reaches over 2000 companies around the world. Used Machinery.bz offers over 7000 used machinery postings from Japan, providing you with advertising for your used machinery. We are sending this message to inform you of the newest additions to the list for the last week.

Picture in the week

YORO Waterfal, about 32 meters high, in the YORO park (Yoro Gifu)

Saying in this week from English Remark dot COM

Sometimes one likes foolish people for their folly, better than wise people for their wisdom." By Elizabeth Gaskell

Wanted Request in Last Week

Title User Name
HAAS EC 300 CNC Machining Center Russia
need used machines China,Jonah


Access Top 10 in Last Week

No. ID# Machine Name Owner Access
1 55667 Vertical Miller Kinoshita-k 73
2 53294 Vertical Machining Center DAINA 50
3 55653 300T Press MARVEL 49
4 55617 Vertical Miller Kinoshita-t 43
5 53169 Turret Punch Press A & G 43
6 55519 360T Injection Molding Machine KOWA 43
7 55664 1300mm Radial Drill Shinmeiwa 43
8 54700 5-Axis Vertical Machining Center Murata Machiney 41
9 53286 Surface Grinder H.A.M 40
10 55521 Swaging Machine Hatano 38

New Used Machineries Added in Last Week

Machine Name Maker Model Year Specification Photo Country Company
CNC 2-Saddle Turning Lathe Puma Tech CK 600 S2 2006 Swing over bed φ 300 mm, ControlFanuc Oi MATE TC, Swing over cross slide 20... Nederland Mach4metal
CNC 2-Saddle Turning Lathe Youji YV-320E 2000 #0479, FANUC 0TC Alpha, Chuck Dia :
380mm, Max Swing : 600mm, Max Turning D...
CNC Lathe Mazak SQT-15MII 1995 Mazatrol T Plus, 8"chuck closed center,
Chip Conveyor, Automatic Tool Eye...
Japan H.A.M
CNC Lathe Okuma LB15 1984 OSP-5000, Tail stock Japan Kinoshita-k
CNC Lathe - - 2005 Swing over bed φ 350 mm, Control Fanuc
18i TB, Swing over cross slide 350 m...
Nederland Mach4metal
Vertical Machining Center Johnfords VMC 1024 A 1998 X1016*Y508*Z569 mm, bed / plano / portal / moving column VMC, Controll Fanu... Nederland Mach4metal
Vertical Machining Center Mazak VTC 16 C 1995 X1600*Y410*Z510 mm, Control:Mazatrol
M32B, Table:L2000*W410 mm, Table load:...
Nederland Mach4metal
Horizontal Machining Center Toyoda Koki FH 450 S 2007 X600*Y600*Z600 mm, bed / plano / portal / moving column HMC, Controll FANUC... Nederland Mach4metal
5 Face Machining Center Awea HVM-4018 2002 Bridge Type, X/Y/Z axis travel:
4,000/2,500/1,000mm, Table size:
Taiwan SEHO
Double Column Machining Center Kao Ming KMC-3000SV 2004 X/Y/Z axis travel: 3,230/2,000/850mm,
Dist. between columns: 2,100mm, Table...
- Taiwan SEHO
Double Column Machining Center Pinnacle DV1422 2015 X/Y/Z axis travel: 2,200/1,400/900mm,
Spindle nose to table: 160~1,060mm, D...
Taiwan SEHO
5-Axis Vertical Machining Center Mazak VARIAXIS 500-5XII 2010 Mazatrol Matrix, BT40, ATC40,
T:500×400mm, 12000rpm,
Japan H.A.M
CNC Cylindrical Grinder Kellenberger KEL-VARIA R175/1500 2007 Dist. between centers: 1,500mm, Grinding
length: 1,500mm, Center height: 17...
Taiwan SEHO
CNC Gear Hobber Seiwa NS-100 2001 Fanuc-18M, Max hobbing dia:100mm, M2.5, max hob dia and length:100x120mm, o... Japan H.A.M
Bench Lathe Cosmo Kikai L-8000 2006 φ300*590(Max distance between centers
net), Spindle taper:MT5, XY-digital
Japan Mechany
0.8m Lathe Chubu Koki LLA-800 1979 - Japan Sakai
Vertical Miller Tsuda TV30 - T:1600*400, S:1000*400*500, 3-axis
Japan Kinoshita-k
Surface Grinder Rosa RTSC 1970 Controll Conventionel, Surface grinder,
X1100*Y600*Z550 mm, Electro magneti...
Nederland Mach4metal
Drill Grinder CGK DOL-KEN DL-3 - Grinding range:φ2〜13, 100V Japan Mechany
2000mm Radial Drill Okuma DRA-J2000 1982 with a measure Japan Kinoshita-k
Double Side Polish Speedfam 9B-5P-V-3MH 2008 Safety cover, direct read system,
3motors, slury tank and pump
Precision Roll Forming Machine Nachi-Fujikoshi PFM-915F 2000 m1.30, Max rack holder width:150mm, Max rack stroke:1150mm, Opening section... - Japan H.A.M
60T Press Washino PUX-60KRB 1982 S:120, 80spm, DH:290, Adj:70, SL:500*400, BL:900*550 Japan Mechany
20T High Speed Press Bruderer BSTA-200-60BE 2007 Capacity 20 ton, Electric source 380 V 60
Hz , Pneumatic 6-10 bar
South Korea SEIN Machinery
0.6m Mechanical Shear Amada M-632 1996 3.2t*650, Manual BG, OKURA Conveyor Japan Mechany
2.5m Hydraulic Shear Amada S-2532 1983 3.2t*2500, Elec BG, Magnet support Japan Mechany
Notching Machine Amada CS-220 - Cutting size:220*220, Processing plate
thickness: mild steel plate: 3.2mm...
Japan KOWA
Laser Cutter Trumpf L-3030 2004 #0310, Siemens 840 Controller, Working
Area : 3000 x 1500mm, Resonator: TLF...
Turret Punch Press Amada ARIES-245 1989 Max processing size:1270*1000, 18st,
2A/I, 04PA
Japan Mechany
Turret Punch Press Amada EM-2510NT & LINE 2005 4*8, 58st, 2A/I, AMNC-F, Brush table,
Japan Rivertech
Turret Punch Press Amada EM-255NT 2005 66st, 2A/I, AMNC Japan Kanda Machinery
Turret Punch Press Amada PEGA-367 1990 58st, 2A/I, AMADAN-04PC - Japan INTEX
Turret Punch Press Amada VIPROS-357Q 1996 58st, 2A/I, AMADAN-04PC, Ball Table - Japan INTEX
1.2m Hydraulic Press Brake Amada RG-35S 1983 35T*1250, NC9EX, Standard Punch Clamp,
1.2m Hydraulic Press Brake Amada RG-50S 1996 50T*1200, NC9EV(3 Axis), Standard Punch
3.1m Hydraulic Press Brake Haco ERM 30135 euromaster 2000 Controll BC 45 Graphical,
Hydr.Pressbrake, 135T*3100 mm, Distance between c...
Nederland Mach4metal
RAM Extruder - - - RAM extruder with cotrol panel Japan BI
Henschel Mixer Mitsui Miike FM200F 1979 - Japan BI
Eccentricity Checker Obishi - 2006 Total length:1200mm, Center
Japan Shinmeiwa
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