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This is a weekly newsletter from Used Machinery.bz (http://www.usedmachinery.bz). The newsletter reaches over 2000 companies around the world. Used Machinery.bz offers over 7000 used machinery postings from Japan, providing you with advertising for your used machinery. We are sending this message to inform you of the newest additions to the list for the last week.

Picture in the week

Japanese Iris Garden at the YAMADAIKE Park(Hirakata, Osaka)

Saying in this week from English Remark dot COM

Hate the sin and love the sinner." By Mahatma Gandhi

Wanted Request in Last Week

Title User Name
double crank sheet stamping press UAE, Madadi

Access Top 10 in Last Week

No. ID# Machine Name Owner Access
1 55934 Wire EDM Shinmeiwa 56
2 54700 5-Axis Vertical Machining Center Murata Machiney 40
3 51616 3000T Hydraulic Press Techno-f 39
4 55949 Vertical Machining Center H.A.M 38
5 55925 Laser Cutter A & G 38
6 55959 Turret Punch Press H.A.M 37
7 53294 Vertical Machining Center DAINA 36
8 54653 180T Injection Molding Machine TS 35
9 55957 CNC Vertical Turret Lathe SEHO 35
10 55831 Turret Punch Press Kinoshita-t 33

New Used Machineries Added in Last Week

Machine Name Maker Model Year Specification Photo Country Company
CNC Lathe Murata MR-6 1991 Fanuc-0T, 2Spindle Japan KOWA
CNC Lathe Murata WSC-6 1990 Fanuc-0T, MIZUNO conveyance table Japan KOWA
CNC Lathe Murata WSC-6 1987 MIZUNO conveyance table MF-5 Japan KOWA
CNC Lathe Murata WSC-8 1987 Fanuc-10T Japan KOWA
CNC Lathe Okuma LB12 1989 OSP-500LG, 8"open center chuck(KITAGAWA
Japan Kinoshita-k
CNC Lathe Okuma LB3000EXII MT 2016 Model: LB3000EXII MT, Swing over bed:
Ø580mm, Swing over carriage: Ø470mm...
Taiwan SEHO
CNC Lathe Takamatsu X-200 2006 FANUC 21iTB, V12, 4000rpm, S:410*475,
8inch 3jaw Hollow, Chip Conveyer, Mis...
CNC Turning Center Tatung(Taiwan) TL:1SS 2000 FANUC 0TC, Chuck : 250mm, Travels :
X-400, Z-500mm, ABC : 550mm, Turret : 8...
CNC Vertical Turret Lathe Lansing CNC VTL 58/66 /ATC... NEW LANSING CNC VTL 58/66 /ATC 12/C Axis
Live Tooling, , Table Diameter..........
USA Jed Black Corp
CNC Vertical Turret Lathe YOU JI VTL2500ATC-2R+G 2010 Model: VTL2500ATC-2R+G, Table dia.:
Ø2500mm, Max. swing dia.: Ø 3000mm, Max...
Taiwan SEHO
CNC Vertical Turret Lathe Youji(Taiwan) YV-600E 2003 FANUC 0iT, Chuck Dia : 600mm, Max Swing : 850mm, Max Turning Dia : 750mm, M... India MARVEL
CNC Turning Center Mori Seiki NT-4300DCG/1000SZ 2008 MSX-711III, Max swing:φ730, Max
processing length:983,
Japan Kinoshita-k
CNC Facing and Turning Lathe Lansing F-1650 NEW CNC FACING AND TURNING LATHE, X 40" Between Center, Max. swing over Bed 65"... USA Jed Black Corp
Vertical Machining Center Mori Seiki MV-40 1989 Fanuc-10MA, T:450x900mm, BT40,
S(XYZ):600*410*510, 8,000rpm, ATC20 2APC
Japan H.A.M
Vertical Machining Center(BT50) OKK PCV-50 1989 ATC20, BT50 Japan KOWA
Horizontal Machining Center Makino a51 2004 professional-3(Fanuc), T:400x400, 2APC,
B:1degree, 12,000rpm, ATC40, X:560 ...
Japan H.A.M
CNC Keyway Miller Motokubo MH-SDF 1993 - South Korea Seoulgear
CNC Surface Grinder Freeport(Taiwan) SG2060AH - HYDRAULIC SURFACE GRINDER, Table: 1500 x 500mm, Magnetic Chuck: 1200 x 500m... India MARVEL
CNC Cylindrical Grinder Beier B2-K1015,1014 2017 - South Korea Seoulgear
CNC Cylindrical Grinder Mitsubishi Juko RD-23 1998 21T South Korea Seoulgear
CNC Horizontal Borer Innocenti FAF 140-95 1964 CNC Innocenti X = 8500 Y = 2750 Z = 1000 NUM760Controll Num in 3 Axis, Floo... Nederland Mach4metal
Wire EDM Mitsubishi Denki SX-2 1995 - Japan KOWA
1.5m Lathe Chubu Koki LLA-1500 1982 φ650*1500, Swing over cuts off: 900,
Swing over cross table: 410, 12"3-jaw ...
Japan KOWA
Face Lathe Lansing Lansing 1500 - 2000 - 3000 NEW Lansing Manual Facing and Turning Lathes, Models 1500 - 2000 - 2500, Capaci... USA Jed Black Corp
Vertical Miller Howa VM-2A 1969 - Japan KOWA
Surface Grinder Okamoto PSG-63AN 1985 T:605*300, S(manual): left & right 750 *
front & back 340, Full auto
Japan Mechany
Cylindrical & Internal Grinder Lansing 20" Manual Cylindrical Grinders NEW Lansing 20" Manual Cylindrical Grinders,
, Models 1500 2000 3000 ...
USA Jed Black Corp
Tool Grinder Ito DIAPET - - Japan KOWA
Drill Grinder Hosoi u-nice 1988 Grindable drill diameter:φ1〜φ32, Max
swing from the spindle edge to the whe...
Japan KOWA
Bench Drill Ashina ASD-360 - 13mm, 100V, KATO KIKO Tapper, without dolly Japan Rivertech
Bench Drill Ashina ASD-360 - 13mm, 100V, without dolly Japan Rivertech
Bench Drill Hitachi Koki B-13SH - 13mm, 100V, without dolly Japan Rivertech
Bench Drill Hitachi Koki B-13SH - 13mm, 100V, without dolly Japan Rivertech
Bench Drill Hitachi Koki DE-4300 - 23mm, 100V, without dolly Japan Rivertech
Tapper Ashina ATD-360 - - Japan KOWA
Tapper Ashina ATD-410 - - Japan KOWA
Tapper Kira KRT-10 - 100V Japan Rivertech
Tapper Kira KRT-420P - serving as a Tapper, 200V, Round table,
without dolly
Japan Rivertech
540mm Upright Drill Yoshida YUD-540 - - Japan KOWA
Shaper Nagase Integlex NS-700 1970 - Japan KOWA
Shaper Yamaguchi YS-680 - Max S:720, Max processing width: 670  Japan KOWA
Slotter Nakabou NS-2 1969 Travel:145*175*325, Table diameter: 280 Japan KOWA
Slotter Uratetsu RM-150 2004 Full auto Japan KOWA
Belt Grinder Murahashi - - 750W 2 pole,
50Hz/200V/3.1A/2,900rpm/G.BELT 100*915, 60Hz/200V/3.0A/3,470rp...
Japan Shinmeiwa
Shot Blast - ES POWER - - Japan Shinmeiwa
Chamfering Machine Fujigen Nicecorner V3 - 100V Japan KOWA
Chamfering Machine Sanwa SC-5 - 200V 550W, 50Hz/60Hz:2.8A/2.6A 3P Japan Shinmeiwa
45T Press Aida NC1-45(2) 1987 S:120, 50~95spm, DH:270, Adj:60,
SL:Elec., CB:Wet Type, With CA
Japan A.B.C
60T Press Komatsu OBS-60-3 1991 S:120, 70spm, DH:300, Elec Adj:70,
SL:500*400, B:900*550, Die cushion
Japan Aim SSK
80T Press Aida NC1-80(1) 1989 S:100, 55〜110spm, DH:280 Japan KOWA
80T Press Aida NC1-80(2) 1991 S:160, 40~75spm, DH:320, Adj:80,
SL:Elec., CB:Wet type, With CA
Japan A.B.C
150T Press Aida PDA-15H - Cap: : 150Tons, Stroke : 50mm, Bed :
1200 x 900mm, Ram: 1200 x 750mm, Die ...
200T High Speed Press Aida PDA-20L A60 - Cap: 200Tons, Stroke: 30mm, Bed: 1500 x 850mm, Ram: 1350 x 650mm, Die Heigh... India MARVEL
200T Press Aida NCS-200(2) 1995 B:2150*840mm, Stroke:250mm, 45spm, , All mchines at site must go!!, Please ... Japan H.A.M
150T Hydraulic Press Prosperous STD-150 - Cap: 150Tons, Stroke: 400mm, Bed: 1400 x 960mm, Ram: 1400 x 960mm, Open Hei... India MARVEL
2.0m Mechanical Shear Amada M-2045 1992 4.5t*2000, Auto BG, Air support Japan Mechany
2.0m Mechanical Shear Kansai AS-4.5*2000 1992 4.5t*2000, Auto BG, no sheet support Japan Mechany
1.2m Hydraulic Shear Amada S-1232 1980 3.2t*1270, Elec BG - Japan Aim SSK
Laser Cutter Mitsubishi Denki ML3015LXP-3020D 1996 - Japan Murayama
Laser Cutter Nippei Toyama TLV510 2004 KomatsuNTC, Fanuc 4kw Japan Murayama
Turret Punch Press Amada EM-255MII 2014 58st, 2A/I, , All mchines at site must
go!!, Please see the attached PDF fi...
Japan H.A.M
10T Set Press Toyo Koki HSP-10 1996 S:160, Table length: 2000 Japan KOWA
30T Set Press Amada SP-30II 1992 30T*1000*400, SS104W, Ps triple holder Japan Mechany
1.2m Hydraulic Press Brake Amada FBDIII-3512LD 1996 35T*1200, LD, OH:420 Japan Mechany
1.2m Hydraulic Press Brake Amada RG-25 1981 25T*1200, Elec BG, OH:300 Japan Mechany
1.2m Hydraulic Press Brake Amada RG-35S 2004 35T*1200, DC9III, OH:370 Japan Mechany
1.2m Hydraulic Press Brake Amada RG-50S 1984 NC9EX, ZII, Tooling - Japan Murayama
2.5m Hydraulic Press Brake Amada RG-80 1986 NC9EX, ZII, Tooling - Japan Murayama
300mm Band Saw Everising S-300HA 1990 - Japan KOWA
Vertical Band Saw Amada V-400 1988 - Japan Mesena
Iron Worker Amada IW-45II 1991 45ton, NC 2.5m Japan Mesena
Twin Screw Co-rotational Extruder Ikegai GT110III-17 1990 Screw: 110mm, L/D=17, Co-rotational,
Accessories:, Hot cut pelletizer, Ikeg...
Japan BI
Hand Lifter Bishamon 380kg - 380kg, Hydraulic Japan KOWA
Magnet Lifter Kanetec LPF-20V - Lifting capacity: 250kg Japan Shinmeiwa
Projector Mitsutoyo PJ-A3010F-200 2002 Screen diameter:315mm, Objective
lens:10x, 50x, Measurement
Japan KOWA
Bow Saw Tsune C222 1971 - - Japan Shinmeiwa
Spot Welder Panasonic YR-350SA2 1991 Rating capacity: 35kva Japan KOWA
Spot Cooler Hitachi SR-P20YTE6 2013 - Japan KOWA
Storage Amada AMS848 1998 - Japan Kinoshita-k
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