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This is a weekly newsletter from Used Machinery.bz (http://www.usedmachinery.bz). The newsletter reaches over 2000 companies around the world. Used Machinery.bz offers over 7000 used machinery postings from Japan, providing you with advertising for your used machinery. We are sending this message to inform you of the newest additions to the list for the last week.

Picture in the week

Lantern Festival at the TADO TAISHA (Kuwana, Mie)

Saying in this week from English Remark dot COM

"I am ready to meet my Maker. Whether my Maker is prepared for the great ordeal of meeting me is another matter." By Winston Churchill

Wanted Request in Last Week

Access Top 10 in Last Week

No. ID# Machine Name Owner Access
1 56265 5-axis Machining Center KOWA 51
2 55997 60T Press Aim SSK 40
3 56211 Surface Grinder Kinoshita-k 39
4 56251 CNC Centerless Grinder Seoulgear 39
5 56238 3.0m Hydraulic Press Brake Mechany 38
6 54809 CNC Cylindrical Grinder HumanArcMachine 37
7 56294 Iron Worker Mechany 34
8 56006 CO2 Laser Murayama 34
9 56290 1000T Hydraulic Press Mechany 32
10 56055 500mm Band Saw Kinoshita-t 31

New Used Machineries Added in Last Week

Machine Name Maker Model Year Specification Photo Country Company
Vertical Machining Center Kuraki KV-1000 1990 Fanuc-15M Japan Kinoshita-k
Double Column Machining Center Okuma MCR-A5C 20x30 5-Sided 2003 OSP-E100M, X:3050 Y:2600 Z:800mm ,
Between columns:2150mm, 6000rpm ATC50 ...
- Japan HumanArcMachine
CNC Horizontal Miller - ZF 2000 1996 X - Travel1500 mm, Y - Travel1000 mm, Z - Travel1000 mm, bed milling, Contr... Nederland Mach4metal
CNC Gun Drill Miroku MHG-1500NC 1988 FANUC-0M, Hole dia.:φ4-φ32, Max. hole
depth:1500, T:1800*2500, Max. loading...
Japan AK technos
CNC Horizontal Borer Kuraki KBM-11XHL 2005 Fanuc-16iMB, T:950*1050, S:1500*1200*700, No ATC Japan Kinoshita-k
CNC Horizontal Borer Kuraki KBT-11DXA 1990 Fanuc-15M, T:1200*1400, ATC-40 Japan Kinoshita-k
CNC Horizontal Borer Toshiba BP-13B(R5) 1985 φ130, T:1800*2200, S:2400*1500*2000, 2000rpm Japan Kinoshita-k
Wire EDM Mitsubishi Denki FA30M 2004 W21FA-2, T:1100*875, Max. workpiece
size:1300*1000*345, Remote-controller...
- Japan AK technos
0.8m Lathe Keiyo Seiki KF-850 1984 φ450*850 Japan KOWA
0.8m Lathe Mori Seiki MS-850 - #16261 Japan Kinoshita-k
0.8m Lathe Washino LE-19K 1975 φ470*800, Swing over cross table:240 Japan KOWA
Vertical Miller Enshu VF-2 - - Japan Kinoshita-k
Vertical Miller Hitachi Seiki 2MF-V 1974 - Japan Kinoshita-k
Vertical & Horizontal Miller Mazak H-500 1972 - Japan Kinoshita-k
Surface Grinder Moto MSG-500FY521 1985 T:500*250, Grindstone:255*76.2*25 Japan KOWA
Surface Grinder Okamoto PSG-84EN 1986 Chuck:800*400, Full auto・Auto cut Japan IBUKI JP & Thai
Bench Drill Kitagawa KDR-360 - 13mm Japan KOWA
Bench Drill Kitagawa KDR-410 - - Japan KOWA
915mm Radial Drill Yoshio YDM-915A 1991 Spindle:MT40, 49〜1520rpm(9-gears) Japan KOWA
Gun Drill MIROKU MEG-1000S NC 1992 F-0M, Boreφ4~24*1000mm, T:800*1100, S:550*240*1000, Spindle:800~7200rpm(... Japan Maruzen
Shaper Nakamura KNA-750 - 750 Japan KOWA
Surface Plate Nabeya 600×600 - 600×600 Japan KOWA
Surface Plate Nabeya 900×900 - 900×900, with table Japan KOWA
10T Press Yamada Dobby OY-30010 1982 st80, spm100, DH170, AJ30, B350x237x45, S180x130, Inventory in Thailand Thailand IBUKI JP & Thai
20T Press Yamada Dobby 20AH 2004 st50/spm70~200/DH195/AJ50/B500x300x75/S26
0x165, , Inventory in Thailand
Thailand IBUKI JP & Thai
20T Press Yamada Dobby 20AH 2003 st50/spm70~200/DH195/AJ50/B500x300x75/S26
0x165, , Inventory in Thailand
Thailand IBUKI JP & Thai
25T High-speed Press Yamada Dobby K-20LH 1997 S:50, 70~150spm, DH:195, Adj:50,
B:500*300, SL:280*200
Japan IBUKI JP & Thai
25T Press Komatsu OBS-25-2 1986 S:80, 125spm, DH:200, Adj:50, BL:550*300, SL:250*300 Japan IBUKI JP & Thai
60T Press Tomoe 60t - 60t Pin Clutch Press Japan KOWA
80T Press AmadaWashino PUX-80 1991 S:130, 40~70spm, DH:350, Adj:80 Japan IBUKI JP & Thai
110T Press Aida NC1-110 1988 S:180, 35-65spm, DH:350 Japan IBUKI JP & Thai
110T Press Aida NC1-110 1988 S:180, 35-65spm, DH:350 Japan IBUKI JP & Thai
110T Press Aida NC1-110 1988 S:180, 35-65spm, DH:350 Japan IBUKI JP & Thai
110T Press AmadaWashino PUX-110AD 2001 S:150, 60spm, DH:365, Adj:100,
BL:1100*700, SL:600*500, Circle hole
Japan IBUKI JP & Thai
45T High Speed Press Yamada Dobby AF-45 1991 45t Bolster: 540*700, Stroke: 50mm Die height: 170~220, SPM:150~600 Sound... Japan Maruzen
100ton High speed press (LD100SW HS) Yamada Dobby LD100SW HS 1981 S: 60 mm, D.H : 300 mm, 100-300 spm, S.A : 50 mm, Slide : 980 x 500 mm, Bol... South Korea SEIN Machinery
DIE Spotting Press - SANKI 1992 50ton 180 ° inversion type ,
Table:1000*700, Day light-900mm ,
Japan Maruzen
100T Hydraulic Press ASAI UTS-100 1984 st350/OH800/B1800x1000/S1800x1000, , Inventory in Thailand Thailand IBUKI JP & Thai
‘C’ Frame Press AMADA JAPAN TP-150 - # 0590 AMADA JAPAN "Model TP-150
CO2 Laser Amada LC-1212αII 1998 Max processing size:1220*2440mm,
Oscillator:OLC-420HII (Rated2kw),
- Japan A & G
Turret Punch Press Amada VIPROS-367 1990 5*10, 58st, 2A/I, NC-04PC Japan Rivertech
Multi Hydraulic Bender AMADA CB-83 2000 8t S:100 T:340 , GAP depth:150, Open height:216 Japan Maruzen
1.2m Hydraulic Press Brake Amada RG-25 1982 25t T:1200 S-100 , Open height:320,
Backguage , Mold
Japan Maruzen
2.5m Hydraulic Press Brake Amada FBD-8025E 1986 80T*2500 NC9-EX Japan A & G
1.2m Hydraulic Shear Amada S-1232 1982 3.2t 1220 Japan Maruzen
1.2m Hydraulic Shear Amada S-1232 1981 3.2t*1270, Elec BG Japan Aim SSK
2.5m Hydraulic Shear Toyo Koki HSS-2565 1983 6.5t*2500, Elec BG, without sheet support Japan Mechany
Vertical Band Saw NCC NCC-400 1985 - Japan KOWA
Bow Saw Murahashi GREAT CAPTAIN - - Japan KOWA
Circular Saw Murahashi V-100 - Max. cutting size:φ100, Blade
size:φ300*2.5*φ40, Pinhole:63*φ11*4
Japan AK technos
NC Pipe Bender Comco KB-15ND 2005 Bending capacity:19.1*1.2(Thin
sheet)/16*1.6(thick sheet steel pipe),
Japan Mechany
5.5kw Air Compressor Mitsui Seiki ZS066A - 5.5kw, Dryer, 8586h Japan KOWA
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