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This is a weekly newsletter from Used Machinery.bz (http://www.usedmachinery.bz). The newsletter reaches over 2000 companies around the world. Used Machinery.bz offers over 7000 used machinery postings from Japan, providing you with advertising for your used machinery. We are sending this message to inform you of the newest additions to the list for the last week.

Picture in the week

"Gifu Castle Was Occupied by SAITO and ODA Clan" (Gifu-shi, Gifu)

Saying in this week from English Remark dot COM

"Words are wise men's counters, they do but reckon by them: But they are the money of fools." By Thomas Hobbes

Wanted Request in Last Week

Title User Name
Drill tap center and CNC turning machine INDIA, Girish Tamhankar

Access Top 10 in Last Week

No. ID# Machine Name Owner Access
1 45350 Engine Lathe MUDAR-M 72
2 57781 5-Axis Vertical Machining Center KOWA 62
3 57802 Horizontal Machining Center Kinoshita-k 49
4 56782 60T Press MARVEL 41
5 48706 CNC Vertical Turret Lathe Murata Machiney 40
6 55913 Vertical Machining Center INTER-PLAST 40
7 57720 1000T Hydraulic Press Murayama 39
8 57760 3D CO2 Laser Mechany 37
9 57784 Tapping Center KOWA 37
10 42264 Marine Engine Mekong 36

New Used Machineries Added in Last Week

Machine Name Maker Model Year Specification Photo Country Company
CNC Lathe IKEGAI AX-30N 1983 Fanuc-6T, chuck(KITAGAWA)12",
32~2500rpm(High speed specification)
Japan Shinmeiwa
CNC Lathe OKUMA LCS-25 1996 OSP-700L, 10" chuck(KITAGAWA B-210), V8, 25-3,000min, 200V/60Hz, motor 7.5/... Japan Shinmeiwa
CNC Lathe TAKISAWA TC-200L3 2004 Fanuc-21iBT, 4units are available - Japan HumanArcMachine
CNC Vertical Turret Lathe MAZAK A-12N M/C 1998 Mazatrol-T Plus, chuck φ1250(4-jaw),
Maximum swing φ1400, Maximum working d...
Japan Shinmeiwa
Vertical Machining Center MAKINO FNC-74A 1992 Professional-3, S:700*450*400, 7/24 taper
No.40, 10~5000min-1, T:900*450, A...
Japan Shinmeiwa
Vertical Machining Center OKUMA MCV-630 1989 - - Japan Shinmeiwa
Vertical Machining Center OKUMA HOWA V-25R 2001 Fanuc-32iA, φ400×350, X-190 Z-350, 8inch
Hydraulic chuck, 60~6000rpm, V12 T...
Japan Maruzen
Vertical Machining Center PING JENG MCV-116 2004 MITSUBISHI M64, ravels : 1100 x 600 x
550mm, Table: 1150 x 600mm, ATC: 24H ...
- India MARVEL
Vertical Machining Center SHINNIPPON KOKI PC-55V 1989 Fanuc 0MB, 3 axis(XYZ), T:550*1300, Table
Load weight 2T, Main shaft diamet...
Japan Shinmeiwa
Vertical Machining Center TSUGAMI VMA3-III 2009 Fanuc 21iMB, ATC20, BT30, T:840*300,
100~10000rpm, S:400*250*300, High Colu...
Vertical Machining Center(BT40) MAKINO V55 1997 Professional-3, T:1000*500,
S:900*500*450, ATC-15
Japan Kinoshita-k
Vertical Machining Center(BT50) MAKINO FNC86-A20 1993 Professional-3, T:1200*600,
S:850*600*650, ATC-20
Japan Kinoshita-k
Horizontal Machining Center MAZAK FH-5800 1998 Mazatrol-640M, Maximum work φ730,
S710×610×660, pallet Load weight500kg,
Japan Shinmeiwa
Horizontal Machining Center MAZAK FH-5800 1998 Mazatrol-640M, Maximum workφ730,
S:710×610×660, Pallet Load weight 500kg,
Japan Shinmeiwa
Double Column Machining Center MAZAK VQC-20B 1987 Mazatrol CAM M2, Spindle:BT40, 4,000rpm,
T:1240*550, S(XYZ):1000*508*460
Japan KOWA
5-Axis Horizontal Machining Center J TEKT FH-80S 5Axis 2001 - Japan Shinmeiwa
CNC Vertical Miller OKUMA HOWA 2V-NC 1988 OH-OSP-MS, 170-2000rpm, 200V/3P, 50/60Hz, 13KVA, 22A Japan Shinmeiwa
CNC Vertical Miller OKUMA HOWA FM-2V 1991 - Japan Sakai
CNC Vertical Miller SHIZUOKA AN-S - Fanuc 6M, T:1200×420, S:750×430×140, NST No.40, 60Hz, 85~3800rpm, AC2.2kw-4... Japan Shinmeiwa
CNC Cylindrical Grinder MITSUBISHI RD32-B50A 2001 swing φ320, center 500mm, Maximum
Processing diameter φ300, whetstone
- Japan Shinmeiwa
CNC Drilling Machine IXION TL 1001 1998 Drilling capacity 0 - 25 mm, Tapping MM
20, Spindle taper MkSK 40, Floor / ...
Nederland Mach4metal
CNC Horizontal Borer SCHARMANN Heavycut 3.2 - Ram Type 1987 180mm Scharmann CNC Floor Type Horizontal Boring Mill, , Model... South Korea SEIN Machinery
0.5m Lathe TAKISAWA TSL-550D 1982 - Japan Kinoshita-k
Vertical Miller IKEDA V-700 1985 T:2500*650, Max traveling amount/
L&R*F&B:1800*650, Max vertical traveling
Japan KOWA
Surface Grinder NAGASE INTEGREX G-817 1985 - Japan KOWA
Cylindrical Grinder TOYODA GUP40-120 1988 Swing:φ500*Center distance:1200,
Grindstone size:φ610*120*φ304.8, Turning
Japan KOWA
Cylindrical Grinder TOYODA GUP40-180 1984 Swing:φ500*Center distance:1800,
Grindstone size:φ610*75*φ203.2
Japan KOWA
Bench Drill KIRA KID-420 - - Japan KOWA
915mm Radial Drill SEIWA KOGYO MG-915 - Manual Clamp, Table Block Japan KOWA
CNC Planer INGERSOLL 3500-9700-A R08 1987 Bridge type CNC PLANER MILL, , Serial
Number 26588...
South Korea SEIN Machinery
Gear Hobber SEIWA MS-15 1984 M3, T300 South Korea Seoulgear
Gear Hobber SEIWA MS-20 1982 M4, φ410, 500rpm South Korea Seoulgear
60T Press KOMATSU OBS-60-3 1991 S:160mm, 70spm, B:900x550mm, DH:235mm, , SN:13702 Japan HumanArcMachine
80T Press AIDA C1-80(2) - Stroke:160 mm, SPM:40 - 75, Die
Height:370 mm, Slide:540 x 460 mm,
Japan Plus K
80T Press WASINO PUX-80KRC 1985 S:100, 80-130spm, DH:310, BL:1000*600 Japan Sakai
150T Press KOMATSU OBS-150 - Stroke:250 mm, SPM:20 - 55, Die
Height:225 mm, Adjust:100 mm,
Bolster:1250 ...
Japan Plus K
200T Press AIDA C2-20 - Stroke:150 ton, SPM:35 - 65, Die
Height:450 mm, Slide:1850 x 650 mm,
Japan Plus K
200T Press AIDA PC-20(2) - Cap: 200Tons, Stroke: 250mm, SPM: 33,
Bed: 1450 x 800mm, RAM: 850 x 640mm...
60T High Speed Press MITSUI PB60HL 1991 S:20-76, 100‐650spm, DH:280, Adj:80 Japan Sakai
300T Press MORI - - Bolster 2200 x 1500 , Side opening
500 x 400 mm., Stroke 5...
Japan Plus K
350T Press SHIMOMURA - - Capacity 350 ton, Bolster
2500 x 1500 mm, Slide 25...
Japan Plus K
1200T Mechanical Press KOBE SEIKO - - Capacity 1200 tons, Stroke
800, SPM 10, Die Hei...
Japan Plus K
100T Hydraulic Press MURAI - - Capacity 100 ton, Stroke
1000 mm, Daylight 1300 m...
Japan Plus K
200T Hydraulic Press KAWASAKI DPZ-200 - Cap: 200Tons, Stroke: 1000mm, Day Light : 1750mm, Bed Size: 1800 x 1000mm... India MARVEL
500T Hydraulic Press KOTAKI - - Bolster 1500 x 1350 with die cushion ,
Side opening 580 mm., Stroke ...
Japan Plus K
1000T Hydraulic Press KAWASAKI - - Capacity 1000 tons, Die Height
2000 mm, Slide 4500 x ...
Japan Plus K
220T Forging Presses AIDA CF1-22C 1983 S:160, 40spm, DH:420, Adj:30, SL:Elec.,
CB:Wet Type, Without CA
Japan A.B.C
1000T Forging Press FUJI SHARYO - - Screw Type Forging Press, Stroke:600 mm,
SPM:20, Daylight:1200 mm, Table:10...
Japan Plus K
Upsetter MANYO - - Machine Type Upsetter, Make Manyo,
Capacity 200 ton, Heading...
Japan Plus K
Upsetter MANYO - - Machine Type Upsetter, Make Manyo,
Capacity 400 ton, Heading...
Japan Plus K
1.2m Hydraulic Press Brake AMADA HFE M2 1270 x 50 T 2011 Controll AB - PAD EVOLUTION TOCH SCREEN, Press force 50 Ton, Bending length... Nederland Mach4metal
1.2m Hydraulic Press Brake AMADA RG-35S 1988 35T*1200, ZII, NC9-EXII, S:100, OH:370,
Replaced with brand new sequencer
Japan Rivertech
2.5m Hydraulic Press Brake AMADA FBDIII-8025NT 2002 80T*2500, AMNCPC, OH:420 Japan Mechany
3.0m Hydraulic Press Brake TOYO KOKI HPB-12530AT 1997 125T*3100, NC:TNC-PICS Japan Mechany
Material Storage AMADA MARS10-410 1999 3050*1250*3 column(10 shelves+10
shelves+9 shelves)=29 shelves, Loading
Japan Mechany
Honing Machine HAMANO HEM-ML-HNC 2001 Inner diameter:φ4〜25, length:180,
Japan Kinoshita-k
Centrifugal Machine SHINKO SR4-650 1989 - Japan Sakai
2.5T Forklift Truck TOYOTA 7FG25 2006 1618hr Japan HumanArcMachine
Billet Shear ERFURT - - Capacity 800 ton, SPM
20, Slide Stroke 125 mm...
Japan Plus K
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