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This is a weekly newsletter from Used Machinery.bz (http://www.usedmachinery.bz). The newsletter reaches over 2000 companies around the world. Used Machinery.bz offers over 7000 used machinery postings from Japan, providing you with advertising for your used machinery. We are sending this message to inform you of the newest additions to the list for the last week.

Picture in the week

The Houseboat Excursion along the Moat around the HIKONE Castle (Hikone, Shiga)

Saying in this week from English Remark dot COM

"The man who doesn't read good books has no advantage over the man who can't read them." Mark Twain

Wanted Request in Last Week

Title User Name
double spindle CNC machine india, harish
grinding machine VIETNAM, Duong
Used cross shaft presses required India,Manchanda

Access Top 10 in Last Week

No. ID# Machine Name Owner Access
1 58162 CNC Lathe(2 Saddles) Kinoshita-k 50
2 48706 CNC Vertical Turret Lathe Murata Machiney 45
3 58059 2.4m Hydraulic Press Brake Aim SSK 41
4 25357 Uncoiler CV WM 40
5 58110 100T Press Mechany 39
6 58094 CNC Vertical Miller Shinmeiwa 39
7 54717 CNC Vertical Turret Lathe Ryokuta Machine 38
8 57506 200 ton injection moulding machine Madhav 37
9 57720 1000T Hydraulic Press Murayama 37
10 56139 Auto Return Super Surfacer Kinoshita-k 36

New Used Machineries Added in Last Week

Machine Name Maker Model Year Specification Photo Country Company
CNC Heavy Duty Lathe MAZAK DUAL TURN-20 2005 MAZATROL-640T, Max swing φ320, First
spindle Riken SAD50 Collet chuck, Seco...
Japan Shinmeiwa
accessories, Diameter of faceplate main
1000 ...
CNC Heavy Duty Lathe WOHLENBERG HANOVER VDF U900S CNC 1982 CNC: SIEMENS SINUMERIK, Many accessories, Diameter of faceplate main 900 + ... Russia STANKO
CNC Vertical Turret Lathe O-M VTO-12 1970 φ1600, Table:φ1200mm, Work piece
height:1030mm, Table load:4000kg,
Japan Maruzen
CNC Vertical Turret Lathe SEDIN SCHIESS VTL 1525 CNC 2018 Turning diameter: (in) 2500mm (99"),
Faceplate diameter: (in) 2250mm (88")...
Multitasking Machine MAZAK Integrex E-410H UNIV 2003 MAZATROL FUSION 640M Pro, 12inch 3jaw Hollow, 4000rpm, Maximum swing:φ610... Japan U-MACHINE
Vertical Machining Center MORI SEIKI MV-65/50 - MF-M6(Fanuc), BT50 - Japan Shinmeiwa
CNC Surface Grinder OKAMOTO PSG-63DX 2010 electromagnetic chuck 600*300, Table
Longitudinal travel 750*340, Grinding ...
CNC Tapper AMADA CTS-900 1991 【Preparing for photos】 - Japan Kanda Machinery
CNC Horizontal Borer UNION BFK-130 CNC 1992 Spindle diameter: 130mm, Spindle taper: ISO 50, Spindle torque: 5350Nm, Spi... Russia STANKO
CNC GEAR GRINDER REISHAUER AZA CNC 2012 Max. gear dia 330, Wheel width, mm 180, Module: 0.5-5, Zaehnezahlbereich: 7... Russia STANKO
EDM OSCAR OSCAR HP-60 1999 EDM OSCAR (Model HP-60) Thailand BNI
0.5m Lathe TATEYA TL-500HD - φ250*500, Swing over cross table:130 Japan Mechany
0.6m Lathe DAIWA DM-3H - φ400*600, 95-1840rpm Japan Aim SSK
5.0m Lathe DAINICHI DHK-75*500 1989 φ750*5000, Swing over cross table:530,
Hole through spindle:φ84, 2 rests, X...
Japan KOWA
6.0m Lathe POREBA TCG 125x6000 1980 Retrofitted Maschine , Turning Diameter
over Bed: 1250 mm , Turning Diamete...
Russia M-Service
Vertical Miller HITACHI SEIKI MS-V 1971 T:1100*270, S(XYZ):600*250*360,
Japan Mechany
Vertical Miller SHIZUOKA VHR-A - - South Korea Seoulgear
Vertical Miller YAMAGUCHI YMV-900 - NT50, T:1500*430, 12/45-1600rpm,
South Korea Seoulgear
Double Disk Surface Grinder BEIER SG-250 New T:200*520 South Korea Seoulgear
Surface Grinder NAGASE INTEGREX SGM-32 1990 Chuck 200*500, Automatic South Korea Seoulgear
Surface Grinder SANJO SGS-512 - 500*1200 South Korea Seoulgear
Cylindrical Grinder HARKOV HSH5-12 1986 Diameter of workpiece: 800mm, Length of workpiece: 10000mm, Diameter of gri... Russia STANKO
Tool Grinder AMADA TOGU-III 2008 【Preparing for photos】 - Japan Kanda Machinery
Drill Grinder TOA TDP-100M - - South Korea Seoulgear
Roll Grinder KHARKOV 3415E 1982 Diameter of workpiece: 200-1000mm, Length of workpiece: 4500mm, Weight of w... Russia STANKO
Deep Hole Drill GEHRING W 13000-800 1980 Diameter of detail: 330-1300mm, Diamter of hole: 75-800mm, Depth of hole: 1... Russia STANKO
Gear Hobber NIHON KIKAI NDP-2 - φ660, M6 South Korea Seoulgear
Hob Grinder SEIWA HS-16 - - South Korea Seoulgear
Bevel Gear Generator KSM 5A284 2018 Work piece diameter: - 1600mm, Module: - 30mm, Tooth depth: - 65mm, Tooth w... Russia STANKO
Gear Grinder REISHAUER RZ300E 1991 Maximum tip diameter - 11.8" (300 mm), Minimum root diameter - 39" (10 mm)... Russia STANKO
Gear Grinder STANKO 5A872 1980 Workpiece diameter: 800mm, Module: 16mm, Number of teeth:4-100, Angle of sp... Russia STANKO
Magnet Holder - MB-PG - Mounting screw hole size M8*1.25depth7, Adsorption power(N[kgf]):1500[150]... Japan Shinmeiwa
35T Press AMADA TP-35X - Cap: 35Tons, Stroke: 50mm, Bed: 610 x
380mm, RAM: 290 x 240mm, Shut Height:...
100T Press WASINO PUX-100L - Cap : 100Tons, Stroke: 180mm, Bed: 1020 x 600mm, Ram: 600 x 450mm, Die Heig... India MARVEL
150T Press AIDA NC1-150(2) 1986 S:200, 45spm, DH:400, Adj:100, SL:Elec., CB:Wet Type, Without:CA Japan AIDA
200T Press AIDA PC-20(2) - Cap: 200Tons, Stroke: 250mm, Bed: 1450 x 800mm, RAM: 850 x 640mm, Die Heigh... India MARVEL
150T Press WASINO CX1S-150 - Cap: 150Tons, Stroke: 220mm, Bed: 1100 x 750mm, Ram: 900 x 600mm, Die Heigh... India MARVEL
550T Press SEYI HSD-550-144-61 - Total Capacity: 550 U.S. Tons, Bolster
Size: 144” x 61”, Ram Size: 144” x 6...
800T Press USI Clearing S4-800-108-60 1972 800 Ton Single-Action Straight-Side
Presses (3) available, Bed Area: 108" x...
1000T Knuckle Joint Press BARNAUL K8340 1984 Course stroke: 170mm, SPM: 32, Shut
height: 470mm, Table size: 1000 x 800mm...
- Russia STANKO
1250T Stamping press ERFURT PKZZ I 1250 1980 Rated force: 1250tons, Slider travel:
630mm, Frequency of continuous travel...
200T Hydraulic Press KAWASAKI DPZ-200 - Cap: 200Tons, Stroke: 1000mm, Day Light : 1750mm, Bed Size: 1800 x 1000mm... India MARVEL
5000T Hydraulic Press RYAZAN P2547 1988 Press nominal force: 5000tn, Movable
cross-beam stroke: 1250mm, Movable cro...
2500T Hot Forging Press TMP VORONEZH KB8544 1983 Nominal capacity: 2500tons, Slider
stroke: 350mm, Number of continuous stro...
Air Press SEIDENSHA - - - Japan KOWA
CO2 Laser MITSUBISHI ELECTRIC ML3015HV-40CF 2006 work size:3050*1525, Rated:4kw,
High-pressure type, Chiller, Cooling
Japan Mechany
Turret Punch Press AMADA EM-2510NT 2004 58st, 2A/I, AMNCF, 【Preparing for photos】 - Japan Kanda Machinery
Laser Combo Punch Press AMADA LC-1212C1NT 2008 【Preparing for photos】 - Japan Kanda Machinery
2.5m Hydraulic Press Brake AMADA FBD-1025 1995 NC9FS, 【Preparing for photos】 - Japan Kanda Machinery
4.0m Hydraulic Press Brake AMADA RG-250 1979 250T*4000, Equivalent to Auto BG Japan Murayama
Servo Press Brake KOMATSU PAS-80*255 1999 NC5-aixs with tooling, with laser safety
Japan Murayama
250mm Band Saw NCC SCH-25SAU 2005 cutting size:○250*□300×250 Japan KOWA
550mm Band Saw AMADA H-550EII 2006 550x480mm - Japan HumanArcMachine
3D Coordinate Measuring Machine LEITZ Reference1076 2005 S1000*700*560, Movable load 900kg,
Maximum probe length600mm
Japan Shinmeiwa
Leveler WMW UBRK 32x3150 1970 Straightening Machine, Manufacturer: WMW , Model: UBRK 32x3150, Year of man... Russia M-Service
CO2・MAG Arc Welder DAIDEN CR-AH351 1990 THYRISTOR AUTO NEW 350 Japan Murayama
Heading Machine IMAI - 1995 BOLT FORMER DOUBLE HEADER MACHINE, IMAI JAPAN, , Capacity:Maximum diameter:... Thailand BNI
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