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This is a weekly newsletter from Used Machinery.bz (http://www.usedmachinery.bz). The newsletter reaches over 2000 companies around the world. Used Machinery.bz offers over 7000 used machinery postings from Japan, providing you with advertising for your used machinery. We are sending this message to inform you of the newest additions to the list for the last week.

Picture in the week

NAKATAJIMA Sand Dunes (Hamamatsu, Shizuoka)

Saying in this week from English Remark dot COM

"This is a free country. Folks have a right to send me letters and I have a right not to read them." William Faulkner

Wanted Request in Last Week

Title User Name
Want Komatsu C2S-1600~2000ton Transfer press YS HWANG
Want 1500ton Transfer press YS HWANG
Used machinary India
125 Ton USA

Access Top 10 in Last Week

No. ID# Machine Name Owner Access
1 58472 CNC Lathe Shinmeiwa 42
2 58437 Surface Grinder Seoulgear 35
3 58450 Turret Punch Press Rivertech 34
4 55913 Vertical Machining Center INTER-PLAST 30
5 40522 Turret Lathe A 1 29
6 58419 Vertical Miller Kinoshita-k 29
7 42438 Dump Truck SIS 29
8 54718 CNC Vertical Turret Lathe Ryokuta Machine 28
9 58444 Double-headed Surface Grinder KOWA 28
10 48780 300T Knuckle Joint Press BNI 27

New Used Machineries Added in Last Week

Machine Name Maker Model Year Specification Photo Country Company
CNC Heavy Duty Lathe KRAMATORSK 1A675 1991 Heavy duty lathe 1A675 designed for
variety of turning operations: turning,...
CNC Lathe MAZAK Dual Turn 20 2005 Mazatrol-640T, Max.swingφ320, riken SAD50 collet chuck, & teikoku chuck, B... Japan Shinmeiwa
CNC Lathe MORI SEIKI CL-200A 1998 MSC-803, kitagawa B-208 chuck, AC220V
Japan Shinmeiwa
CNC Lathe MORI SEIKI NL-3000MC/700 2005 Multifunctional type, MSC-850, 15"open
center chuck (KITAGAWA N15), Tail st...
- Japan Kinoshita-k
CNC Lathe MORI SEIKI SL-403B/800 2002 NC:MSX-501III, 15"chuck, Max Turning
Dia:620, Length:958mm, X340 Z995mm, 24...
- Japan HumanArcMachine
CNC Lathe NAKAMURA-TOME SC-300II-MY NEW Fanuc 0i-TF, Main axisφ71, 3500rpm, Main
axis motor22/18.5kw, 12horn 24stat...
Japan Shinmeiwa
CNC Lathe(Flat type) DAINICHI DL75-150 2001 Fanuc-20T, φ750×1600, Square turret, φ610 chuck, 12-1120rpm, Bore:φ85, Tail... Japan Maruzen
CNC Turn-Mill Center IKEGAI TUR-26 2002 Fanuc 21iT, Chuck: 250mm, Max Swing Dia: 500mm, X-250mm, Z-700mm, RPM: 4000... India MARVEL
Vertical Machining Center MITSUBISHI M-V4B 1997 MELDAS 520M, BT40, X,Y,Z:560×410×460mm,
Japan HumanArcMachine
Horizontal Machining Center MITSUBISHI DH80 2007 Fanuc 18i-MB, ATC40, BT50, Palette
800*800, 6000rpm, 2APC, S:1250*1000*850...
NC Surface Grinder SUMITOMO KPL-1870N 1985 Fanuc-9M, T:2000*8600, Max table
traveling:8000, Max processing
Japan KOWA
CNC Rotary Surface Grinder SUMITOMO SVR-130 1998 Fanuc-Power Mate, T:dia1300mm, Max swing in walter guard:1500mm, Max grindi... - Japan HumanArcMachine
CNC Horizontal Borer TOSHIBA BF-130B 2008 Tosnuc-999, S:X12000*Y4000*Z450*W1000,
Spindleφ130, BT50, 1600spm, ATC-90...
Japan KOWA
0.5m Lathe YAMAZAKI Mazak-Mate - - Japan Kinoshita-k
0.6m Lathe KAWAI TEKKO KL370 1966 φ200*600 Japan Mechany
0.8m Lathe MORI SEIKI MS-850 - φ435*850 Japan Mechany
0.8m Lathe MORI SEIKI MS-850 - φ435*850 Japan Mechany
0.8m Lathe TAKISAWA TAL-460 - - Japan Kinoshita-k
Face Lathe TUDA TFL-1600 - On the bed: 1200 mm, G on φ 1600, Core
1750, 850 φ on the saddle
South Korea Seoulgear
Vertical Miller ENSHU VF-2 - T:1350*270, S:750*270*450, Spindle:NT50, 68〜1760rpm/12 gears Japan KOWA
Vertical Miller SHIZUOKA VHR-A - T:1100*280, XY-digital, Vise Japan Mechany
Vertical Miller SHIZUOKA VHR-A - T:1100x280, 75~3600rpm South Korea Seoulgear
Horizontal Miller OHTORI KIKO ME-3 - T:1450*330, S:1000*280*500, with vertical shaft attachment Japan KOWA
Horizontal Miller OKK MH-2P - - South Korea Seoulgear
Milling Engraver SAKAZAKI SP-V28N 1981 T:580*205, S(XYZ):290*385*350, Pantograph size:280*280 Japan Mechany
Surface Grinder AMADA WASHINO SG-45FII 1993 T:450*150, S:450*150*200 Japan Kinoshita-k
Cylindrical & Internal Grinder TOYODA G-32 1989 φ320*1500 South Korea Seoulgear
Cylindrical Grinder TOYODA GOP32-100 1980 - Japan Kinoshita-k
Tool Cutter Grinder MAKINO C-40 - - South Korea Seoulgear
700mm Upright Drill KIWA KUD-700 - Spindle:MT50, 64〜1250rpm Japan KOWA
Shaper NAKAMURA KNA-650 - S:670 Japan KOWA
Shaper NAKAMURA KNA-650 - S:670 Japan KOWA
Shaper NAKAMURA KNA-750 1977 S:780 Japan KOWA
Gear Hobber HAMAI 60SP 1990 Max diaφ60, Max cutting length 150, Max
module 2, Max Hob spindle speed 177...
South Korea Seoulgear
Gear Hobber KASHIFUJI KS-150 - Max dia 150φ, Max module4, Hob Spindle
MAX 530 rpm, Auto Cycle Type , Auto ...
Taiwan Ryokuta Machine
SPLINE GEAR HOBBER NIHON KIKAI NSP-1200 1984 - South Korea Seoulgear
Gear Shaper LORENZ SN-8 - Max. dia:630mm, Module:8, Stroke:180mm South Korea Seoulgear
150T Press WASINO PUX-150L - Cap : 150Tons, Stroke: 200mm, Bed: 1240 x 630mm, Ram: 670 x 500mm, Die Heig... India MARVEL
200T Press AIDA PDA-20L - Cap: 200Tons, Stroke: 30mm, Bed: 1500 x
850mm, Ram: 1350 x 650mm, Die Heigh...
300T Press SATO DCP-300 - Cap: 300Tons, Stroke: 350mm, Bed: 2150 x 1180mm, Ram: 2000 x 1070mm, Die He... India MARVEL
1000T Knuckle Joint Press BARNAUL KB8340 - Cap: 1000T, Stroke: 170mm, Bed Size: 800 x 800 mm, Ram Size : 740 x 740 mm... India MARVEL
2500T Hot Forging Press VORONEZH K 8544 - Cap: 2500Tons, Stroke: 350mm, Bed: 1400 x 1200mm, Ram: 1120 x 1070mm, Shut ... India MARVEL
CO2 Laser AMADA FO-2412NT 2007 Max processing size:2520*1270, AF-4000E,
4kw, Chiller, Dust Collector, Drye...
Japan Mechany
Nitrogen Generator AIR・WATER KN5-40SP-CHM 2005 Structure: Body, ATLAS COPCO Air
Compressor(GA30JPN made in 2005), MEIJI Ai...
Japan Mechany
Turret Punch Press AMADA VIPROS-358K 1996 04PC, 2A/I, 70st Japan Kinoshita-t
1.2m Hydraulic Press Brake KOMATSU PHS-25*125 1989 25T*1250, FINEBEND100, OH:323 Japan Mechany
2.0m Hydraulic Press Brake AIZAWA APM-8020 2000 80T*2000, Elec BG Japan Mechany
3.0m Hydraulic Press Brake AMADA RG-100 1991 NC9EXII - Japan Murayama
Universal Hydraulic Press Brake AMADA SPH-30C 1978 30T*415, S:100 Japan Mechany
2.0m Mechanical Shear AIZAWA S-1320 1989 13t*2000, Elec BG, without sheet support Japan Mechany
2.5m Hydraulic Shear AMADA S-2532 - 3.2t*2485, Elec BG, Air support Japan Aim SSK
300mm Band Saw AMADA HA-300 1988 φ330, □330, Sizing feeder Japan Mechany
300mm Band Saw MEGA H-330GA 1998 φ330, □350W*330H, Full Auto Japan Mechany
Vertical Band Saw AMADA V-300 1969 cutting capacity:300*150 Japan Mechany
Vertical Band Saw AMADA VA-500 1985 T:700*700, throat:500, with size cutter Japan Mechany
Vertical Band Saw ANDOSAW TA-300L - T:570*570, throat:300, Max cutting
thickness:t20, Table feeder, Table strok...
Japan Mechany
Vertical Band Saw LUXO U-300 - T:400*500, Saw blade welding
machine(2kva, 200V)
Japan Mechany
Universal Punching Machine SHOWA CL-65 1995 Universal Punching Machine:φ25*16t,
Shearing Machine:300*9t, Notch:75*75*9...
Japan Mechany
Air Blast SHINTO MY-30A 2012 Blast unit: Gravity type air jetφ4*1,
nozzleφ8*1, Dust collector: Back filt...
Japan Mechany
850T Injection Molding Machine TOSHIBA IS850GT 2001 Screw diameter : 95mm, Injection Volume
Calculated : 3150cm3, Clamping Forc...
Vietnam Thinh nguyen
Hand Lifter OPK 350kg - 350kg, Hydraulic Japan KOWA
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