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This is a weekly newsletter from Used Machinery.bz (http://www.usedmachinery.bz). The newsletter reaches over 2000 companies around the world. Used Machinery.bz offers over 7000 used machinery postings from Japan, providing you with advertising for your used machinery. We are sending this message to inform you of the newest additions to the list for the last week.

Picture in the week

NAGARAGAWA River Two Day Walk 2018 (Gifu-shi, Gifu)

Saying in this week from English Remark dot COM

"The crash of the whole solar and stellar systems could only kill you once." By Thomas Carlyle

Wanted Request in Last Week

Access Top 10 in Last Week

No. ID# Machine Name Owner Access
1 58581 400mm Band Saw Kinoshita-t 78
2 58580 550mm Band Saw Mechany 78
3 58582 Circular Saw Machine Kinoshita-t 55
4 58577 2.2kw Air Compressor KOWA 48
5 58579 30T Set Press Mechany 38
6 58584 Gear Shaper Seoulgear 36
7 58586 5-Axis Vertical Machining Center KOWA 34
8 48780 300T Knuckle Joint Press BNI 33
9 42438 Dump Truck SIS 32
10 58583 Vertical Miller Seoulgear 32

New Used Machineries Added in Last Week

Machine Name Maker Model Year Specification Photo Country Company
CNC Heavy Duty Lathe MAZAK QTN-350 2004 Mazatrol 640T Nexus, Max swing:φ680, Max.
work length:604, Max. work dia.:φ...
- Japan AK technos
CNC Lathe MAZAK QTN-350 2004 Mazatrol 640T Nexus, Max swing:φ680, Max.
work length:604, Max. work dia.:φ...
- Japan AK technos
CNC Lathe MORI SEIKI SL-204S/500 2004 MSG-805, Swing over bed:680, Swing over
slide:510, Max. work dia.:390, Max....
Japan AK technos
CNC Lathe OKUMA LU400-2SC(1250) 2004 OSP-E100L, 10"open center chuck (KITAGAWA
B210), center:1250, Tail stock
Japan Kinoshita-k
CNC Lathe RIKEN RNL-80 1994 Swing:900mm, Workpiece maximum
size:700*120mm, S:350*380mm(X, Y),
South Korea Seoulgear
Multitasking Machine OKUMA MULTUS B300II 2014 OSP-P300S, Swing over carriage:φ630, Max.
work dia.:φ630, Center distance:9...
Japan AK technos
Vertical Machining Center MAZAK VTC-200C 2013 Mazatrol-640M, T:2300*510,
S:X1950*Y510*Z510, Spindle: BT40,
10000rpm, ATC-...
Japan KOWA
Vertical Machining Center MIKRON HSM400 2003 Controller: HEIDENHAIN 530iTNC, X/Y/Z
axis travel:400/450/350mm, Spindle sp...
Taiwan SEHO
Vertical Machining Center MORI SEIKI NV-5000a1A/50 2006 MSX-501III, BT50, ATC30, 8000rpm - Japan HumanArcMachine
Vertical Machining Center OKUMA MC-4VA 1989 Effective table size:1000*410,
S:X650*Y410*Z450, T:1000*510, Table
loading ...
Japan KOWA
Vertical Machining Center TOSHIBA VMC-85 1989 Tosnuc-600MB, S:X1600*Y850*Z700,
Spindle:BT50, 20-4500rpm, T:2000*800,
Japan KOWA
Horizontal Machining Center TOSHIBA BMC-13B(R) - Fanuc-15M, 2010 Retrofit, T:1250*1250, 2
Pallets system, ATC-60
South Korea Seoulgear
5 Face Machining Center AWEA HVM-5032 2012 Controller: FANUC 18i MB, Table size:
5020x2400mm, X/Y/Z axis travel: 5,000...
Taiwan SEHO
5 Face Machining Center AWEA LP-4033YZ 2008 Table size: 2,600x4,000mm, X/Y/Z axis
travel: 4,000/4,000/1,000mm, Dist. be...
- Taiwan SEHO
5 Face Machining Center FOUR STAR FD-2442A 2013 Controller: Fanuc 0iMD+8.4”LCD, X/Y/Z
axis travel: 4200/2400/800mm, Table s...
Taiwan SEHO
5 Face Machining Center JOHNFORD DMC-5000+5F 2008 Controller: Fanuc 18iMB, X/Y/Z axis
travel: 5,000/4,100/1,400mm, Dist. betw...
Taiwan SEHO
5 Face Machining Center MITSUBISHI M-VR32/36A 1997 Fanuc-15M, Distance between columns:3200,
T:2500*10000, S:10400*3400*800*12...
Japan AK technos
5 Face Machining Center OKUMA MCR-A5C25x50 2005 OSP-E100M, Distance between columns:2550,
T:2000*5000, Loading capacity on ...
Japan AK technos
Double Column Machining Center SANCO SM-3000G 2004 X/Y/Z Axis Travel: 3200/1700/750mm, Table
size: 3000x1400mm, Dist. Between ...
Taiwan SEHO
Double Column Machining Center VTEC NF-4233AC 2 Controller: Fanuc 18iMB, X/Y/Z axis
travel: 4,200/3,200/1,000mm, Dist. betw...
Taiwan SEHO
5-Axis Vertical Machining Center SNK RB-350F 2005 Fanuc-30i, Gate width:4100, T:8000*3500,
Spindle:BT50, 6000rpm, S:X8250*Y45...
Japan KOWA
Drilling Center OKADA MECANICA DM24 1996 Robo Drill Japan KOWA
Drilling Center OKADA MECANICA MMC653 1997 Robo Drill Japan KOWA
CNC Vertical Miller OKUMA HOWA FMV-30 1997 Fanuc20-F, T:1350*310, S:710*320*410 Japan KOWA
CNC Vertical & Horizontal Miller KURAKI CMN-5B 1989 Fanuc-11M, Red motor Japan KOWA
CNC Internal Grinder TOYO T-11L19 2014 - - Japan Kinoshita-k
CNC Internal Grinder TOYO T-11L19 2004 - - Japan Kinoshita-k
CNC Internal Grinder TOYO THG-10CM 2016 - - Japan Kinoshita-k
CNC Cylindrical Grinder KONDO GKA-350NC 2011 - - Japan Kinoshita-k
CNC Horizontal Borer WELE HB1620-130 2012 Controller: Fanuc 31iMB, X/Y/Z axis
travel: 3,000/2,100/1,500mm, W axis tra...
Taiwan SEHO
Wire EDM SODICK AP-200L 2008 LQ1W, Max. workpiece size:300*270*100,
Max. workpiece weight:50kg, S:225*15...
Japan AK technos
0.5m Lathe OKUMA LP 1961 φ360*550, Swing over feed table:180,
Japan Mechany
0.8m Lathe WASINO LE-19J 1970 - Japan Sakai
0.8m Lathe WASINO LEO-80A 1973 - Japan Sakai
0.8m Lathe YAMAZAKI MAZAK-Jr - φ460*900, Swing over tool post:260 Japan Mechany
1.2m Lathe IKEGAI IN-25 1996 φ560*1250mm, Chuck 300mm, Swing 280,
South Korea Seoulgear
1.5m Lathe MORI SEIKI MR-1500 1979 φ520×1500, Kitagawa:JN-09Tchuck,
23~1125rpm, Bore:φ52, Steady rest 1 set
Japan Maruzen
Vertical Lathe TOSHIBA TBJ-13 1985 T : 1300 South Korea Seoulgear
Vertical Miller HITACHI SEIKI 2MF - T:1300*290 South Korea Seoulgear
Vertical Miller OKUMA HOWA STM-2V 1990 XY scale Japan Sakai
Vertical Miller TONGIL TMV-0 1987 - Japan KOWA
Vertical Miller TONGIL - - - Japan KOWA
Surface Grinder OKAMOTO PSG-125 1982 - Japan KOWA
Drill Grinder NAKABO HSP-50 1985 Wheel turning speed:50Hz, 2800rpm, Wheel
inner diameter:40φ
Japan KOWA
Bench Drill HITACHI KOKI BD-360B - 13mm Japan KOWA
Bench Drill HITACHI KOKI BE-360B - 13mm Japan KOWA
1300mm Radial Drill IKEDA RMA-1300 1987 - Japan Sakai
1500mm Radial Drill OGAWA HOR-D1500 1973 - Japan AK technos
Gear Hobber MITSUBISHI GH-300 - φ300, M8 South Korea Seoulgear
Gear Hobber SEIWA MH-1000 - M10 South Korea Seoulgear
Gear Shaper LORENZ SN-8 - Max. dia : 630mm, Module : 8, Stroke :
South Korea Seoulgear
3.0T Press - - - 3T Japan KOWA
7.0T Press CGK MA-7000 1991 7T Japan KOWA
60T Press AMADA TP-60 - Cap: 60Tons, Stroke: 101mm, Bed: x mm,
RAM: x mm, Shut Height: 336mm, Adjus...
110T Press AIDA NC1-11(2)B 1982 S:180, DH:450 Japan Kinoshita-k
160T Press CHIN FONG OCP-160 - CHIN FONG(TAIWAN), Cap: 160Tons, Stroke:
200mm, Bed: 1250 x 800mm, RAM: 700...
150T Press WASINO CX1S-150 - Cap: 150Tons, Stroke: 220mm, Bed: 1100 x
750mm, Ram: 900 x 600mm, Die Heigh...
200T Double Crank Press AIDA PDC-20 - Cap : 200Tons, Stroke : 250mm, Bed : 2400
x 800mm, RAM : 1830 x 650mm, Die ...
10T Hydraulic Press KOYAMA FM-10-200 1997 Capacity: Hydraulic 118kg/cm2, 10T, Ram
stroke:200mm, Bolster pit:210*150
Japan Mechany
10T Hydraulic Press KOYAMA FM-10-200X1 1995 Capacity: Hydraulic 118kg/cm2, 10T, Ram
stroke:200mm, Bolster pit:210*150
Japan Mechany
Hydraulic Double-stamping Press DUALFORM DUALFORM-9 1987 hydraulic press with Auxiliary
installation designed to reproduce the
Russia M-Service
30T Transfer press AIDA FT2-30 1988 Capacity : 30ton, Stroke : 105mm, spm :
40-80, No. of stages : 13 stages, S...
South Korea H&B Machinery
CO2 Laser AMADA FOL-3015NT 2006 AMNC, Fanuc, 4.5kw, LST3015FOL Japan Kinoshita-t
Turret Punch Press AMADA PEGA-367 1989 5*10, X:3660mm, Y:1525mm, 30T, 58st,
2A/I, 04PC, Video available
Japan Rivertech
2.0m Hydraulic Press Brake AMADA FBDIII-5020NT 2000 50T*2000, AMNCPC, OH:420 Japan Mechany
2.5m Mechanical Shear AIZAWA MPS-525 - 4.5t*2550 Japan Sakai
Vibro shear HOTTA HM-5 - - Japan Mechany
250mm Band Saw AMADA H-250SA 1985 φ250, 280W*250H, Max.300W*175H Japan Mechany
Auto Circular Saw TSUNE TK5C-101GL 2003 Full auto , Capacity: φ16~100mm □25~75㎜, Length: 23~200㎜ Material length: ... Japan Maruzen
Iron Worker AMADA IW-45II 1995 45ton, X2500*Y100, with tooling - Japan A & G
Billet Shear SATO TEKKO ScPK-1000 - Cutting Capacity : 1000ton, Blade length
: 480mm, spm : 20, Stroke : 140mm
South Korea H&B Machinery
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