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This is a weekly newsletter from Used Machinery.bz (http://www.usedmachinery.bz). The newsletter reaches over 2000 companies around the world. Used Machinery.bz offers over 7000 used machinery postings from Japan, providing you with advertising for your used machinery. We are sending this message to inform you of the newest additions to the list for the last week.

Picture in the week

Sunrise from Mt. ONTAKE (Kiso, Nagano)

Wanted Request in Last Week

Access Top 10 in Last Week

No. ID# Machine Name Owner Access
1 57506 200 ton injection moulding machine Madhav 54
2 48780 300T Knuckle Joint Press BNI 53
3 54717 CNC Vertical Turret Lathe Ryokuta Machine 47
4 59401 2.5m Hydraulic Press Brake Murayama 47
5 57055 160ton Cold forging press H&B Machinery 45
6 32261 CNC Lathe Cat Nhat 44
7 57403 Double Column Machining Center Murata Machiney 44
8 56139 Auto Return Super Surfacer Kinoshita-k 42
9 59371 CNC Lathe HumanArcMachine 41
10 55913 Vertical Machining Center INTER-PLAST 41

New Used Machineries Added in Last Week

Machine Name Maker Model Year Specification Photo Country Company
CNC Lathe MORI SEIKI CL-20A 1997 - Japan Shinmeiwa
CNC Lathe OKUMA LB3000EX 2008 OSP-P200L, 10"chuck (MATSUMOTO KIKAI HA6-10-66B), 12-station turret, Tail s... Japan Kinoshita-k
Vertical Machining Center DMG MORI NV-5000A/ 2002 MSX-501 III Japan Shinmeiwa
Vertical Machining Center DMG MORI NV-5000A/40 2002 MSG-501 - Japan Shinmeiwa
Vertical Machining Center MAKINO V56 2007 Professional 5, ATC 40, 20000rpm,
HSK-A63, T:1050*550, S:900*550*450,
Vertical Machining Center MAKINO V56 2006 Professional 5, ATC 25, 20000rpm,
HSK-A63, T:1050*550, S:900*550*450,
Vertical Machining Center MILLTRONICS TT24 2013 Milltronics TT24, Twin Table Bridge type
Machining Center, Year 2013 , 7200...
USA GreasyMachines
Vertical Machining Center OKK MCV-560 1997 - Japan Shinmeiwa
5 Face Machining Center OKUMA MCV-AII16*30 1996 OSP7000M, Between column:1650mm,
T:1200×3100, Load:8000Kg, X-3000 Y-1600 Z-...
Japan Maruzen
CNC Surface Grinder OKAMOTO PSG-155EX 1994 Fanuc - Japan Kinoshita-k
CNC Surface Grinder OKAMOTO PSG-305EX 2004 Okamoto Recision (Fanuc), Spindle Speed 2400rpm, Table 3050*500, Magnet chu... Japan U-MACHINE
CNC Drilling Machine Fanuc Robodrill a-T14iA 1979 Capacity X axis travel : 500 mm.,
(X,Y,Z) Y axis travel : 380 mm., ...
Thailand Daiichi Technos
CNC Drilling Machine Fanuc Robodrill a-T14iB 2001 Capacity X axis travel : 500 mm.,
(X,Y,Z) Y axis travel : 380 mm., ...
Thailand Daiichi Technos
CNC Gear Hobber KASHIFUJI KL-450 1992 F-0MC 2axis control X Zaxis, φ450 Module5 Hob Saddle verticalS-300, Hob he... Japan Maruzen
CNC Gear Hobber KASHIFUJI KN-151 - Max workpiece dai 150φ, Max pith module4, Axial feed travel 400mm, max heli... Taiwan Ryokuta Machine
CNC HIGH SPEED GEAR SHAPING MACHINE KARATS GSM-12N - Max dia of pitch circle(external
gear)120mm, Max dia of pitch
- Taiwan Ryokuta Machine
EDM MAKINO EDGE3S 2005 MGH-III, System-3R Japan Kinoshita-k
EDM MITSUBISHI ELECTRIC EX-22E 1998 Machining dimensions W1000×D730×H400mm,
Workpiece dimension:W950×...
Japan Shinmeiwa
Bench Lathe KITAMURA KL-16B 2008 Screw feed the tool rest, collet φ16 Japan Maruzen
Bench Lathe KITAMURA KL-25 2008 Screw feed the tool rest, collet φ25 Japan Maruzen
Vertical Miller OKK MH-2V 1990 scale Japan Shinmeiwa
Bench Drill ASHINA ASD-410 - CAP:4P-φ16・6P-φ19 Japan KOWA
550mm Upright Drill ASHINA AUD-550 - drill 40mm tap M20, MT No.4, spindle
Japan Shinmeiwa
Upright Drill TOKUSHUKOKI 3B-L 1973 - Japan Shinmeiwa
1100mm Radial Drill AZUMA AMK-11C 1980 - Japan KOWA
60T Press KOMATSU OBS-60-3B 1996 S:120, 70spm, DH:300, Adj:70, SL:500*400, BL:900*550*130 - Japan A & G
200T Press SHINOHARA SG-200-1000 - H' Type Single Crank Press:, Cap:
200Tons, Stroke: 250mm, Bed: 1000 x
CO2 Laser AMADA FO-3015NT 2004 AMNC, Fanuc 4kw (AF4000E),37,676 hours Japan Kinoshita-t
CO2 Laser MITSUBISHI ELECTRIC ML2512HV-20CF2 2007 4*8, Pipe index, Oscillator(20CF2 2kw),
Dust Collector, Tilting unit, Air C...
Japan Rivertech
Fiber Laser BODOR i5 2018 1kw, Max processing size:900×1300, Max traveling speed of X.Y-axis:60m/min... Japan KOWA
Fiber Laser BODOR P3015  2018 Brand-new, 2kw, Max processing
size:3048×1524mm, Max traveling speed of X・Y...
Japan KOWA
Turret Punch Press AMADA APELIOII-367 1994 05PLA, 2A/I, H, 58st, turret punch only Japan Kinoshita-t
Turret Punch Press AMADA APELIOIII-258VNT 2001 AMNC-LP,P, 2A/I, H, 34st, OLC420H2,
20,370hours, 1000spm
Japan Kinoshita-t
Turret Punch Press AMADA PEGA-305072 1988 04PC, 2AI, H, 58st, auto clump Japan Kinoshita-t
30T Set Press AMADA SP-30II 1987 AMADAN SS104IV (1991Y) Japan INTEX
30T Set Press AMADA SP-30Ⅱ 1988 SS204Ⅳ, With Tooling Japan Mesena
2.0m Hydraulic Press Brake AMADA RG-50 1987 50tonx2000,NC9-EX, ST:100mm,OH:370mm - Japan Mesena
4.0m Hydraulic Press Brake AMADA FBD-2504 1989 250T*4000, NC9F Japan Kinoshita-t
4.0m Mechanical Shear AMADA M-4045 1986 4000mm X 4.5t, AUTO/BG, Mg Support - Japan Mesena
Vertical Band Saw AMADA VA-400 1981 - Japan KOWA
CNC Honing Machine NISSIN CMH-100-N-S, CMH-100-N-3H - Diameter range:3.81φ~25.4φ, Length Range 50mm, Spindle Speed:1100~3200rpm... Taiwan Ryokuta Machine
Centrifugal Barrel Polishing SHINTO EC-2-038 2012 Dry process, 8L×4vessel, Polishing
tank:Opposite sides200×242, With media
Japan Maruzen
Belt sander SHIMOMURA SR-224W - - Japan Maruzen
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